Episode 16: Pivoting On Purpose to Create Your Dream Life With Amy Irvine

Podcast Episode 16: Pivoting On Purpose to Create Your Dream Life With Amy Irvine

My guest on today’s episode, financial planner Amy Irvine, is passionate about three things: family, finances, and wine. Amy holds a master’s degree in financial planning and is a certified financial planner with over 26 years of financial planning experience. She’s the founder and owner of Rooted Planning Group, formed in 2016, which now includes five other planners and three part-time staff members. 

Amy has been recognized by her financial planning colleagues as a disruptor, a title she proudly holds close to her heart. And at the age of 44 she decided to not only start her own company but to act on what she defined as her perfect life. She now splits her time between western New York and Florida. In 2018 she decided it was time to take the stigma out of finances by combining her passion for finances and wine. She started a podcast called Wine and Dime which highlights a different wine and financial topic each week. And she released her book combining those same two passions titled Uncork Your Finances.

Today Amy and I talk about pivoting your business with purpose and how she helps her clients make their dreams a reality, not just “someday” or “when they retire” but right now.

So if you’re wondering if that life you’re desiring is really possible, and you want to know how to get there, this episode is for you. 

Now, let’s get to it.

In This Episode We Explore:

  • How your mindset impacts the possible solutions you see when you’re faced with a decision
  • How pivoting with purpose can help you act now in ways that get you to the future you truly desire and how to handle the resistance that might come up when you do so
  • Why “Well, when I retire…” isn’t the way to grow or move forward and what Amy helps her clients do instead
  • Why pivoting your mindset around delegating is essential to preserving your business’ greatest resource: your time
  • The tough but necessary questions you can ask yourself when you feel a pivot in your life or business just might be the next right move
Connect with amy irvine

You can connect with Amy on her website at: Rootedpg.com

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