Episode 18: How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Overworked with Rachel Bearbower

Podcast Episode 18: How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Overworked with Rachel Bearbower

Today, I am talking with my friend Rachel Bearbower. She’s a coffee lover, a fundraiser, a former nonprofit executive director, and founder of Small Shop Strategies. She’s an executive coach living in rural Iowa and she’s passionate about creating meaningful relationships, maintaining an upbeat attitude, and serving alongside though she leads.

Rachel has been in the very same situation many of us find ourselves in at some point: working diligently in an underfunded, systemless organization. 

And she knows firsthand the stress, overwhelm and frustration it can cause. Let’s just say that she is scrappy or resilient and resourceful. She is the one we turn to for our systems, structure, and plan. And once those are in place, she knows that you’ll have more time to serve those who mean the most to you and your organization. 

And when she’s not hanging out over on Instagram stories and coaching small shop nonprofit executive directors, she is living on a farm where she’s a farmer in training (With six acres to tend before the next Zoom call!). 

In our conversation, we explore how Rachel’s business journey, which had an unlikely start, led her all the way to creating her business after running a nonprofit.

We also explore how Rachel serves her clients, nonprofit executive directors, how she manages her numbers, and what guidance she’d offer any entrepreneur or leader who’s feeling overworked, underfunded, and overwhelmed. 

So, if those feelings sound familiar to you, you won’t want to miss what Rachel shares with us today.

Let’s get to it.

“It starts with you. And it starts with your mindset. So, once you decide that you can reframe your mindset, have maybe a better attitude, and then real change can happen.” 


In This Episode We Explore:

  • How creating and working on her first nonprofit allowed Rachel to see an area of need that she addresses with her own business
  • The common challenges that people, especially executive directors who work in the nonprofit sector need to navigate and how Rachel helps change the game
  • How to navigate imposter syndrome and a scarcity mindset in your business
  • Why women entrepreneurs having money and numbers conversations is so vital and why making money is a form of self-care
  • What it means to start trusting your gut, shifting your mindset, taking risks, and getting a handle on your finances with confidence
Connect with rachel bearbower

You can find Rachel on her website at www.smallshopstrategies.com and check out her membership program at www.smallshopstrategies.com/beproductive

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