Episode 19: How Experimentation and Creativity Can Grow Your Business With Sophia Sunwoo

Podcast Episode 19: How experimentation and creativity can grow your business

Sophia Sunwoo is the founder of Ascent Strategy, where she helps female founders ranging from artisans to health coaches get their companies off the ground. Through her work, she accelerates the success timelines of womxn and POC entrepreneurs so that they can build sales engines for their businesses faster and catch up in a male-dominated startup scene.

She is a 3x startup founder — she sold her first company when she was 22, helping scale the brand to 250 retailers worldwide and attract celebrity clientele before her exit. Sophia’s second business helped bring clean water to over 80,000 people in India and Cameroon and has been recognized by Forbes, African Business Review, and ELLE Magazine.

Sophia is also a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, a Fred Alger Finance Award winner, and named one of the world’s 100 most inspiring women by Salt Magazine and Diageo.

And I’m so excited to share our conversation with you today because we’re exploring how stepping out of your comfort zone to get creative, experimental, resourceful, and visible can help to transform your business and elevate the impact you have on the world.

Let’s get to it!

“I’m a huge advocate that you should let your brain play outside of the business world, because that’s actually where you hit innovation” 

In This Episode We Explore:

  • How experimentation in your business allows you to really step into your full potential
  • What it means to be resourceful in your business and how this can have a major impact on how you reach your goals
  • How to choose mentors and why those mentors that challenge us to grow our mindset will help us grow our bottom lines too
  •  Why it’s important to challenge the status quo when it comes to being a woman business owner and why being visible is so vital to our work
Connect with sophia sunwoo

You can find the challenge that Sophia mentioned in this episode on her website at https://www.ascent-strategy.com/makemoresales
and check her out on Instagram @ascentwithsophia

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