Episode 21: How to Build Genuine Relationships in Business with Rohana Olson


Episode 21: How to build genuine relationships in business with Rohana Olson

Rohana Olson is a wedding photographer based in Minnesota and has been photographing weddings for just shy of five years. She has the heart to serve and encourages others to chase their dreams. When she isn’t out photographing love stories, recording podcasts, or mentoring new business owners, you can find Rohana whipping up a new recipe while dancing in the kitchen to Frank Sinatra with her husband or playing snuggle monster with her little girl, Rohana specializes in documenting a couples unique love story through romantic photographs, capturing unforgettable moments and treating all of her clients like they’re apart of her family.

What I loved so much about our conversation was that, as you’ll hear in this interview, there were a lot of challenges that took Rohana outside of her comfort zone. These were times when she really had to break through while still staying true to herself and her business.

We explored so much about building genuine relationships and creating space for the real deep work in our businesses over the course of this episode and I’m excited to share it with you.

Let’s get to it!

“You want to build a relationship with whoever you’re working with so that they feel seen and heard and valued. And not just from a client perspective, like we all are humans. We want to feel that connection.”

In This Episode We Explore:

  • How to create real connection opportunities for yourself and your business
  • Practical ways to foster genuine relationships as a business owner
  • The approach Rohana uses to get the most out of networking events
  • How certain key business and financial practices help Rohana grow her business 
  • What piece of guidance Rohana gives each of her mentees when it comes to boundaries, planning, and navigating those inevitable business challenges
Connect with rohana olson

You can connect with Rohana on Instagram at @rohanaolson and on her website here: comfortandcashmere.com

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