Episode 25: The Four Elements of a Personal Brand with Mike Kim

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Have you ever seen-zoned and unfollowed people and wondered if the same thing is happening to YOUR personal brand? 

A lot of people think that building a personal brand is easy. They are under the assumption that branding success lies in making the most noise, networking with the top industry experts, bearing your soul to the world, and getting the most number of likes… but this, at best, an incomplete concept.

You can be the loudest person in the room, but if there’s no value to what you’re preaching, it will not entice people to stay.

You can also be the smartest person in the room, but if your audience can’t relate to your story, then it won’t make them stay.

So, how do we stop all this tiptoeing around our audience and build a more sustainable relationship with them?

Joining us in this episode to dive deep into how we can build an authentic personal brand is my mentor, trailblazing brand strategist, renowned speaker, and author of the best selling book, ‘You Are the Brand: The 8-Step Blueprint to Showcase Your Unique Expertise and Build a Highly Profitable, Personally Fulfilling Business’ — MIKE KIM.

There’ll be a lot of AHA moments in this conversation that you do not want to miss!

“Branding is all about identity.”

In This Episode We Explore:

  • How to make your brand stand out in a near endless sea of (marketing) noise
  • The 4 components of a personal brand according to Mike Kim
  • What being authentic online means (and why oversharing doesn’t count as authenticity!)
  • The power of storytelling and what it can do for your business
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