Episode 31: How Nonprofit Can Build a Strong Fundraising Culture with Elizabeth Abel

Episode 31 How Nonprofit Can Build a Strong Fundraising Culture with Elizabeth Abel featured blog post image

If there’s anything that Elizabeth Abel has learned from working in the nonprofit space, it’s that philanthropy plays a critical role in uplifting the most vulnerable communities.

But with the pandemic rampaging across the world, how are nonprofits even staying afloat?

I mean, aren’t people barely getting by because of the current state of the global economy?

Well, some people might think that charitable institutions and nonprofit efforts have slowed down, but according to Elizabeth, the pandemic has only made the resolve of the givers and the helpers even stronger. In fact, it looks like there’s no stopping the outpour of generosity from sponsors and donors, especially when they truly believe and trust a cause!

So, how can nonprofits assure donors that their money is creating positive change + become more effective advocates for social change and social justice?

Elizabeth says that BUILDING A STRONG FUNDRAISING TEAM & CULTURE, is a key factor in inspiring more people who were not initially drawn to philanthropic activities to take action and enable those already working in nonprofit to champion the cause without burning themselves out.

But there’s still so much more to this than meets the eye, so join me and my amazing guest – Elizabeth Abel – as we discuss and understand the true essence behind philanthropy, the fundraising landscape during the pandemic, the importance of bridging the communication gap between the finance and fundraising teams, and what it really takes to build a strong fundraising team and culture.

This has been such a wonderful conversation and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot, more than the fundraising tips, we also talk about the joy that comes with doing good for others. So, tune in and share it with your inner circle!

“I believe that nonprofits are addressing some of the most important social issues of our time. The gas in their engine is philanthropy and charitable gifts.”
– Elizabeth Berni Abel

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Elizabeth Abel’s experiences in the philanthropic landscape and what it’s been like during the pandemic.
  • The importance of opening up the doors for communication between finance and fundraising teams.
  • Elizabeth’s insight on how to build a strong fundraising team and culture.
  • How to fundraise when you don’t have the budget to hire professional staff
  • How organizations can leverage storytelling to inspire action.
  • Tips on how to pull inspirational stories and what stories to tell.

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