Episode 33: Simplifying the Legal Side of Your Business with Autumn Witt Boyd

Episode 33 Simplifying the Legal Side of Your Business with Autumn Witt Boyd blog post featured image

Autumn Witt Boyd and I have known each other since the beginning of both of our businesses. Autumn has been my go-to for my legal needs and I work with her for their CFO-related concerns.

For those of you who don’t know, Autumn Witt Boyd is an experienced lawyer. She helps coaches and course creators reach their big goals faster and smarter.

Together with her team at the AWB firm, she helps online businesses understand, protect, and enforce their rights with sophisticated business and intellectual property strategies. They offer plug and play and cost-effective legal protection with their customizable contract templates.  But most of all, Autumn is a trusted advisor whom entrepreneurs can rely on for practical, and proactive, advice when they need it. 

Autumn also hosts Your Legal Roadmap® podcast, which teaches business owners about the legal issues they may face as they grow a profitable and sustainable business, why they’re important, and how others in their shoes have handled them.

So, why are we sharing a conversation with Autumn today? You might say, “I’ve got a free contract template from an internet search I did so-and-so years ago. It works. I’m all good.”

Or “GDPR doesn’t affect how I do business online.” OR even, “My business is too small to even need legal protections.”

I hear you, but that’s not exactly a safe, scalable, and sustainable way to run a company.

Not saying you will get sued, but there’s definitely a risk here.

You don’t ever want to be in that dire situation before considering getting yourself, your team, your clients, and your business legal coverage.

After all, ‘Prevention is better than… getting dragged to court over a contract you cobbled together from Google!”

Now, I know that for most entrepreneurs, conversations around finance and legalities often top the list of topics to avoid. It feels scary because you’re not sure where to start. From a non-lawyer’s perspective, there’s very little information on the repercussions of not having the proper legal protections in place.

And so, I thought that having an actual legal expert like Autumn here on the podcast would help ease some of that confusion. (PS – Autumn doesn’t speak in law jargon, so you don’t have to worry!)

You’ll learn a lot, so don’t forget to tune in, friend! 

You have to think like a lawyer here for a minute and think about where things could go wrong in your business. – Autumn Witt Boyd

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Autumn Witt Boyd transitioned from working in a traditional law firm to building and running her own firm
  • How hiring your own team helps you build your confidence and understand other potential risks that comes with owning a business
  • Autumn Boyd’s process for managing her numbers in her business and how that knowledge empowers her as she scales further
  • How AWB Firm guides entrepreneurs through that discomfort of needing to hire legal experts
  • The importance of contracts & why business owners need it
  • What are the legal needs of entrepreneurs with six-figures, seven-figures, and even eight-figure businesses
  • Autumn Boyd shares her insight on the use of legal templates – who are they for, how it can protect your business, and to what extent

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