Episode 37: How Five Years of Consistency Have Built a Brand with Molly Stillman

Episode 37 How Five Years of Consistency Have Built a Brand with Molly Stillman featured blog post image

Molly Stillman is probably one of my top listened to podcasts of all time.

In fact, her podcast called, “Business with Purpose,” was the first podcast I’ve EVER listened to AND been invited to!

Now, I can hear some of you asking in the back, “Who IS Molly Stillman exactly?”

Weeell, for those of you who don’t know, Molly Stillman is the brilliant founder and creator of Still Being Molly and host of the Business With Purpose Podcast.

As a speaker, teacher, writer, and loud laugher with a passion for inspiring women to know that they were created on purpose, with a purpose, and for a purpose, one can safely say that Molly is obsessed with acquiring lots of fun, creativity-charged hats. (How she juggles it all is a mystery that we’re aching to uncover!)

So, if you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a multitude of creative irons in the fire, then this episode is especially for you!

In this episode, Molly and I talk about her inspiring journey and all of the multifaceted pieces of her life and business, including ethical and sustainable fashion and how she collaborates with brands. She even shares her secrets for how she has consistently published a new podcast episode every single week for 5 years. (That’s more than 250 episodes!)

So, grab a seat, tune in, and let’s get down to business, friend!

“I felt so called to share what I was learning, so other people could know and be empowered in their purchasing, and know that their purchases do matter – they add up over time.”  – Molly Stillman

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Molly Stillman started out as a creative writer dreaming to be on SNL to championing fair trade & ethical fashion
  • Why making empowered purchases matter
  • The power of a great product paired with an interesting and unique story
  • Breaking free from fair trade fashion stereotypes and how it has evolved in this era
  • Molly Stilman’s tips on how to become a more conscious consumer
  • How the Business with Purpose Podcast came to be and the process behind it
  • The secret behind Molly’s success in inviting amazing guests
  • What not to do when pitching yourself as a guest to podcasts (and how to do it well)

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