Episode 41: Investing in Your Business Infrastructure to Build a Team with Amy Northard

Episode 42 podcast with featured guest Amy Northard

I’m so hyped to share this episode because I’ve got my good friend and fellow finance nerd, Amy Northard, joining me on the show!

Amy is a certified public accountant (aka a CPA!), who specializes in working with creative small business owners to make taxes and bookkeeping less stressful. She’s the amazing woman behind The Accountant for Creatives. They help small business owners wade through all the financial stuff it takes to start and operate a business. You know, so they can focus on their craft!

In addition to preparing tax returns and bookkeeping for their clients all over the US, Amy also enjoys teaching small businesses financial basics, through her online course “Be Your Own CFO”.

Amy and I are actually in a very similar line of work when it comes to managing the numbers for small business owners. And I’ve really been following along with her journey online for several years. We even got to meet in person at a conference a couple years ago! Amy has been such a delight back then and even more so now. If you know her, I bet you agree that there’s so much to learn from her and she’s also really fun to share insights with. 

Join us today, as we talk all about Amy’s journey as an accountant, how she started out, how she came to have this amazing lifestyle business that she runs today. We also focused a lot about her team. She shared some of the challenges that she has faced over time and how she weathered them. Plus, what she has done to really help her make huge investments into the infrastructure of her business. 

For those of you who struggle with hiring, you’d be pleased to know that she also started out on her own, and now has grown a team with full time employees. Imagine hiring FULL TIME employees vs hiring contractors. That’s a big leap, but one that’s possible for your business too!

So, tune in, friends. It’s going to be another information-packed conversation and as always, I’m so excited to share this with you all!

“We want long term employees, not short turnover employees who are just here until they find the next better thing – we’re hoping to be the next better thing.”

– Amy Northard

“Instead of constantly just chasing more, more, more, more, more, spend some time focusing on the clients that you do have.

Nail down that client experience before you go out and take on more.”

– Stephanie Skryzowski

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Amy Northard became The Accountant for Creatives
  • How do you know when you’re ready to hire and grow your team
  • Why Amy made the switch from hiring contractors to employees
  • Why you need to be more proactive in building a team
  • The advantage of setting up a client waitlist system for your business
  • Amy’s insight on team retreats and why it’s a good business investment

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