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Episode 53 Using Intuition & Numbers to Make Decisions with Shay Brown Bucketlist Bombshells featured blog post image

As entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves in situations where our intuition is saying something LOUD and CLEAR, but our brain will try to rationalize or overthink scenarios to the point of second-guessing ourselves. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who are new to being at the helm of their businesses. After all, there’s just some things we have to learn through real life experience, right?

So, how do you find that sweet spot? You know, where you listen to your gut without giving your brain a panic attack?


That’s right! You can forecast and make reasonably accurate predictions to help you  make bold, yet calculated moves. And it only takes a little bit of effort and some math (yes, MATH… there, I said it) to get you there.

Joining me in this episode to share her thoughts on intuition, numbers, and getting things done is my dear friend and fellow entrepreneur, Shay Brown from The Bucketlist Bombshells.

Shay Brown is the Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Bucketlist Bombshells. Shay has a degree in entrepreneurship, a knack for business operations, sales strategy and mentorship. So, it’s no surprise her passion for women starting their own companies is what gets her out of bed every morning and ready to work!

Now, Bucketlist Bombshells is a multi-million dollar business education company, where Shay and her Business Partner and Co-founder – Cassie Torrecillas are business strategists and educators for the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

Together, they teach and support more than 100,000 women around the world with foundational skills + provide them with a roadmap to success. That’s because Shay and Cassie believe that a career designed to prioritize joy, adventure, and purpose is achievable for all women without sacrificing financial stability.

Now, who would have thought that these two Millennials would trade traveling the world on a backpackers budget for a global success story? And all from a laptop in the corner of a coffee shop?! 

Seriously, this was such an amazing conversation full of golden nuggets!

So, make sure you tune in to learn all about Shay Brown’s thoughts on entrepreneurship, how to use intuition and numbers to make decisions, why forecasting is an indispensable tool and how it can help perfectionists get unstuck.

“Forecasting are reasonable assumptions. I can reasonably assume that I will hit these profit targets, because this is based on historical data.” – Shay Brown

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Shay Brown shares the Bucketlist Bombshells origin story
  • Forecasting tips for recovering perfectionists
  • How to use your historical data to reasonably peer into the future
  • Understanding your season: growth vs stability

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