Episode 55: Growing Your Wealth Mindset with Natalie Bullen

Growing Your Wealth Mindset with Natalie Bullen featured blog post image

If you’re looking to grow your wealth mindset, then you’ve got to hear about Natalie Bullen of Unapologetic Wealth.

Natalie is a financial advisor who has made the jump to full-time entrepreneur! So, you can bet your money that she can navigate her way around wealth and the mindset necessary to grow it. But first, here’s some juicy details about Natalie and how she’s serving entrepreneurs around the world…

Natalie Bullen is the CEO and Founder of Unapologetic Wealth, a coaching and consulting firm that helps women, especially women of color, step into the wealth that they deserve and desire. She also owns and leads Unapologetic Wealth Management, a soon to be financial advisory firm, where she works with people one-on-one as their financial planner – to actually give them the tactical steps to grow and protect their wealth. 

In this episode, we explore how to grow our wealth mindset and why it’s so important. Natalie shares her own story of becoming a full-time entrepreneur as well as tips on how to improve your wealth mindset. We also dive deep into what generational wealth is and why it’s important for business owners to start thinking about it.

There’s so much to unpack in this episode. Just SOOO much amazing insights on wealth, mindset, and business. You really don’t want to miss this!

“You should be wary of anybody who pitches themselves as like the magic bullet to your money.” – Natalie Bullen

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Natalie Bullen from financial advisor to full-time entrepreneur
  • The difference between financial advice vs accounting vs bookkeeping
  • Why being rich is a lot like getting married
  • Tips on how to improve your wealth mindset
  • Exploring how we feel about money growing up
  • What is generational wealth
  • How can we start thinking about generational wealth as business owners
  • Why getting yourself insured and setting up your will is vital for protecting and growing your generational wealth
  • Natalie’s marketing strategy and how to emulate it

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