Episode 63: How Kathryn Binkley Helps CEOs Create More Space in Life (and Scale to Seven!)

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I’ve mentioned my amazing business coach several times on the podcast and I think it’s time for you to finally meet her!

In this episode, I have Kathryn Binkley, the CEO and Founder of Scale to Seven®

Kathryn has over fifteen years of experience in marketing and operations consulting, and knows what it takes to help a business scale. She’s started her company back in 2015 to provide coaching and education for online business owners looking to elevate to CEO-level status. Since then, she has led high-performing cross-functional teams to scale hundreds of businesses.

Honestly, I’ve been working with Kathryn for the last year and the impact that she has had on my business has been EXPONENTIAL!

If I just think about where we were a year ago to where we are today… gosh. The difference is night and day. We used to be in kind of a tricky place with our team. Now? We have 18 full-time team members!

The backend for our different processes, systems, and all that stuff was, at best, just okay. Like, it was like a solid okay. But now, when people join our team, they’re always, “Wow, everything is really organized and really clear on the back end of things!” And that is in large part due to Kathryn Binkley and her being an absolute genius at what she does.

Suffice to say, we have a great conversation in store for you today! One of my favorite things that she has helped me with is really to create more space in my life and in my calendar. Kathryn also shares her exact process for creating more space and freeing up your time in your business and different things that you should be focusing on and not focusing on!

Bursting at the seams with excitement and just ready to learn how to elevate yourself to thriving CEO and scale your business to seven-figures? Then make sure you tune in and connect with us later, friend!

” I think so often we think that or we just allow – unintentionally – our schedules to dictate themselves. We just say yes to things or we think that they’re important and they have to happen. And our schedules just create themselves versus us really stepping into that ownership role, that CEO role and saying, ‘NO, this is what I want my schedule to look like.’  – Kathryn Binkley

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Who is Kathryn Binkley and how her entrepreneurial journey began
  • How to create more space using Kathryn’s S.P.A.C.E. method
  • How Kathryn tracks and optimizes the departments in her business
  • The importance of building and organizing your business for scalability
  • What you can do to step into your CEO role with ease and confidence

Links in this episode: 

More resources to help you free more space in your life and uplevel your business:


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