Episode 80 – Connecting Your Work to a Bigger Purpose with Suzi Howk

Today on the podcast, you’ll hear from CFO Consultant Suzi Howk. Suzi and I sit down to talk about connecting to your work in a mission-oriented way. We chat about how remote work fits into that equation, allowing her to serve her clients and how it’s benefited her family.

Suzi grew up with entrepreneurial parents and discovered a natural affinity for numbers. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business from Iowa State University and began working with an agricultural nonprofit after graduation. She spent 15 years there helping with all things administration and finance before joining the remote team at 100 Degrees Consulting. Suzi and I discuss what that transition was like and how her previous role helps her connect to her current clients.

She’s passionate about finance and working with her clients as a strategic business partner. She firmly believes organizations make better decisions when they fully understand their finances. We are so excited to have Suzi on the team, and even more excited to chat with her on the podcast.

“I love the number part of it. I have always said you can’t make good decisions unless you know your numbers and understand your numbers well.” – Suzi Howk

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Suzi’s upbringing influenced her love of finances, and how she’s used that knowledge to move from administration into finance throughout her career.
  • What it was like to transition to a fully remote position and the pros and cons of working from home.
  • Her mission-minded moment and how that inspires her in her current role.
  • How remote work provides a company with the ability to tap into the most talented employees in the industry.
  • How better understanding finances can help a company build sustainably and create a lasting impact.


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