Episode 84: Finding Your Speaker Soulmate with Leisa Reid

Episode 84 Leisa Reid

On today’s podcast episode, we’re talking to Leisa Reid. Leisa is a professional speaker/trainer and the founder of GetSpeakingGigsNow.com. If you are a business professional or entrepreneur who wants to make an impact and attract your ideal clients through speaking, you won’t want to miss this.

Leisa holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Speech Communication. She taught at the university level before moving into a corporate role in sales and leadership. After attending a series of personal development workshops, Leisa realized it was time to make a change. When an established business relationship presented a new opportunity, she took a leap of faith to pursue something more aligned with her passions and talents.

After booking and delivering hundreds of speaking engagements, Leisa knew she could help other aspiring speakers by sharing her strategies, and Get Speaking Gigs Now was born.

I think a lot of times entrepreneurs think you have to get out there and get visible…it can feel a little overwhelming. Honestly, if you focus on that handful [of connections] and dig deeper rather than wider, you can really make a huge impact. – Leisa Reid

What we talk about in this episode: 

  • Finding your speaker soulmate – what that means, what to look for and how to do it. 
  • The importance of community and building relationships in business 
  • The magic of knowing what you need and how to ask for it
  • Specific steps to take if you want to get started with speaking
  • What to consider with paid and unpaid speaking opportunities and how to determine which offers to accept. 

Links in the episode: 


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