Episode 93: When is it Time to Hire a COO?

In the early days of starting a business, most business owners find they have to be involved in all the big and small decisions. As you start adding team members to your payroll, you may reach a tipping point that necessitates bringing on a COO.

In this episode, Stephanie Skryzowski discusses when she realized that it was time to hire a senior leader in her business. Handing over the reins may seem a little scary, but if your team feels overloaded by the growth of your company, it’s time! 

I needed somebody who was both a strategic thinker who could sort of help me sit with me at 30,000 feet and see the big picture, but also somebody very tactical that would know how to create a project plan and how to put all of the wheels into motion and support the team to actually get things done.

– Stephanie Srkyzowski

Key takeaways mentioned in this episode:

  • How to recognize when team growth exceeds your ability to manage the team well
  • When to take stock of unfinished projects – no one to handle them, no capacity for taking on something new
  • Knowing when you need a senior team member to handle strategy/2nd in command
  • How to: come up with a title, understand the impact on the budget/bottom line


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