Happy 4th birthday to us!

I love this month. Not only do we get a fresh 90 days to finish out the year strong, but it’s also a celebratory month for me personally. My husband and I just celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary (woohoo!) and this business, 100 Degrees Consulting, celebrated its FOURTH birthday!

Four years ago this month, I sent out my very first email asking nonprofit leaders around the globe if they needed help with their financial management. I was terrified to hit send, but to my great surprise people responded and thus began this journey.

One of the great joys of running this business is partnering with companies, masterminds, and associations to share knowledge and insight on how to better understand, use, and communicate your financials to drive your impact and your income.

During these sessions (which I’ve been doing a TON of lately!), I almost always get asked:

What’s the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant and a CFO?

I’ll break it down for you super quickly today, but even better: we created a fun quiz to help you figure out which of these finance pros you need to elevate your organization. Everyone loves a quiz, right?

Entrepreneurs: Take your quiz here! >>>

NonProfits: Take your quiz here! >>>

  • Your bookkeeper manages the daily transactions in your business. She enters your bills, invoices your clients, reconciles your bank accounts, and makes sure the numbers are accurate and booked to the correct categories. She probably knows Quickbooks Online like the back of her hand.
  • Your accountant is your tax guru. She understands IRS requirements, business structures, different forms to file, and annual deadlines. She files your taxes and is often a CPA. In nonprofit organizations, your accountant may be your auditor or whomever files your 990.
  • Your CFO is your strategic finance fairy godmother. We review and analyze your revenue, expenses, and cash flow, and draw insights and trends from those numbers, giving you more information to make smart decisions for your business. We help with forward-thinking to help grow your impact and income.

Where’s the missing piece in your organization?

PS – Funny story on our humble beginnings four years ago. This photo is my very first headshot. I took it myself by hanging my big, fancy camera from a tree branch in my backyard. I clicked the self-timer button and jumped around the branch about 75 times until I got something halfway decent. Progress over perfection, right?

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