How I conquered the business balancing act

The number one thing I wanted when I was simultaneously growing a business and my first baby was balance.

The problem was, I had no idea what that actually looked like or how to make it happen.

For the first year of my daughter’s life, I focused my time, energy, and attention on her and on my business only.

My “balance pie” had two giant slices and everything else got crammed into the remaining sliver because my business model wasn’t set up for growth and there was only so much of me to go around!

That certainly wasn’t the balance I was looking for.

So I made a shift that didn’t involve creating a course or crazy Facebook ads or anything beyond what I was already doing.

✅I’ve added several talented women to my team to help shoulder the client load.

✅I’ve streamlined internal systems and processes to make our work more efficient.

✅I’ve raised prices multiple times.

✅I’ve said yes to a few great clients and no to many so-so clients.

✅I hired a coach who’s been there, done that, in order to help me through the growth.

As a result, I’ve had room to grow my business and uplevel our client service while enjoying a healthy balance of all aspects of my life.

I didn’t (and couldn’t!) do it alone though. Hiring a coach was the biggest game changer for my business.

How do you make sure you have balance in your life? Let me know in the comments below.