How to Pick Your Power Word(s) of The Year

How to pick your power word of the year 2022 featured blog post image

Is it too late to talk about power words a.k.a your Word(s) of The Year? I want us to talk about this for a hot minute… and if you haven’t picked your power word for the year yet, maybe this can even help you with that!

⁣Now, I don’t know about you, but I love picking out my power words because they act as special reminders that help us become more focused on what we need to power up for the year.

For example, my word(s) of the year are Intentional Ease.

That’s because, as much as I love taking action and doing #allthethings, I am also well-aware that I need to be intentional about what needs to be done, and do so in a way that does not cause unnecessary stress for me, my team, and our clients.

So, not only do my power words help me narrow my focus and get more strategic about the tasks that I want to tackle, but it also allows me to be more present in how I live my life and run my business.

“But I haven’t quite picked my Word/s of The Year yet, Stephanie! How do I even choose when there are sooo many things I want to manifest in 2022?”

Worry not, my friend!

Here are 4 actionable tips to pick AND use your power word/s:

1. Ask yourself, “If you had to pick just ONE word that can help guide and inspire your life in all areas, what would it be?”

I’m not asking you to identify an action step or a word that is meant to be achieved completely this year. It doesn’t have to sound cool or poetic either. Rather, it’s about a word or an intention that you want to weave into your life over the next 12 months.

For example, mine is Intentional Ease and I want to bring ease into every area of my life – be it in mindset, health, relationships and business!

2. Grab a dictionary and identify power words that help you tap into your Power Mood!

Having power words doesn’t mean that they will play out exactly how you imagined. So, in order to prevent power words from draining your energy, it’s best to use power words that play into what I like to call “power moods.”

There are tons of power moods out there! Here’s a few examples to give you some perspective: ambitious, happy, relaxed, unfazed, and unapologetic. 

You can even make a list of words that have unique meanings to you!

3. Reflect on what transpired last year and see if there are any recurring themes that you want to incorporate into this year.

If there’s something great that went on in the previous year that you want to bring into the next, then there’s no harm in choosing words associated with the power word you chose in the previous year.

For example, in 2019, my power word was BUILD. Then in 2020, my power word was EXPANSION.

4. Create a visual reminder of your power word.

The magic of your power word(s) lies in its ability to act as a daily reminder of what you want to become and how you want your year to go.

One way to keep your power word top of mind is by creating a vision board with your power word written somewhere on big, bold letters! I personally like to use Post-its and my journal as a tangible and visual reminder, but as with anything, you should go for what works for you.

So, whether it’s a poster, a visionboard, or even a journal – just make it tangible and easy to access!

I hope you give power words a try and let’s power up together!