How to Build Confidence in Doing Scary Things

Have you ever experienced a situation where you feel intimidated by a challenge, unprepared or lacking the confidence to face it directly? You’re not alone. Many of us experience these emotions when faced with intimidating tasks. However, there are ways to build confidence and overcome these fears.

I recently encountered this scenario while preparing to give a TED-style talk at the ROI Millionaire Summit in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (You’ll get to listen to my talk in this podcast episode!) My journey towards building confidence in public speaking is a powerful testament that confidence often comes after persistently facing your fears and repeatedly taking on the challenge.

In high school, college, and grad school, I never raised my hand to answer a question in class, fearing the prospect of speaking in front of people and possibly getting it wrong. But during the first few months of owning my business, when someone asked me to speak to a group of new entrepreneurs, I gathered the courage to accept the invitation. Even though I was terrified, I followed through, and by repeatedly putting myself on stage, I slowly built my confidence.

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking Through Entrepreneurship

When preparing for the conference, I had to choose between delivering an informational or inspirational talk. Initially, I opted for the informational route, which I was comfortable with. However, after receiving invaluable feedback from a renowned speaking coach, I took a leap of faith. I stepped out of my comfort zone to rewrite my entire talk, making it more story-driven and impactful.

Although I didn’t have the confidence to immediately dive into this new format, I was committed to doing my best. If you’re holding back from doing something because you lack confidence, remember that readiness often comes from repetition. As I’ve discovered throughout my career, it’s crucial to keep pushing forward, and the confidence will follow.

Another critical aspect of building confidence is practice. Practice doesn’t make perfect; it makes confidence. I practiced my speech in various settings: the car, the shower, on the treadmill, and in bed. Each time I practiced, my confidence in delivering my talk grew stronger.

Building confidence in doing scary things comes from embracing opportunities, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and practicing consistently. I hope that my experience and the lessons I’ve learned along the way can inspire you to face your fears and build confidence in your abilities. Embrace the challenge, and you may surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

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