Launching Soon: 100 Degrees of Entrepreneurship Podcast

I had this little idea in the back of my mind.

Sometimes when I’d be in the car alone, I’d practice an intro. “Hi, I’m Stephanie! Welcome to my podcast!”

I’d dream of how I’d interview guests. “Tell me the story of your business journey.”

Then one day, late last year, I decided now is the time and it all came together. Equipment, production, marketing, content – let’s just say it was a learning curve.

I am so thrilled to let you know that…

100 Degrees of Entrepreneurship Podcast

Launches on March 1st!

The show is a mix of solo and interview episodes where I chat with inspiring business owners to share their journey and experiences where they pushed outside their comfort zones to create impact on the world.

The first three episodes will drop on March 1st and you’ll be able to listen on iTunes, Spotify, and Google.

  • In Episode 1, I share my personal story – how a failed wannabe lawyer turned nonprofit worker built a business serving hundreds of leaders around the globe.
  • In Episode 2, I chat with Jessica Rasdall, a speaking expert who has turned her mess into her message.
  • In Episode 3, we blow your mind by explaining the difference between a bookkeeper, accountant, and CFO and what you’re missing without one of these critical roles.

This podcast is my heart and my dream and I’m equally terrified and over-the-moon excited to launch it into the world.

Stay tuned for an email on March 1st to let you know it’s live!

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