Master Your Nonprofit Numbers

If you could raise 53% more money next year for your organization, without hosting another gala event or traveling across the country to meet with a new donor, what would that mean for your nonprofit? Guidestar published a study that demonstrated that organizations that provided better and more information to stakeholders raised substantially more money in subsequent years than organizations that didn’t share information with stakeholders.

So what’s the problem? Oftentimes, nonprofit leaders aren’t comfortable enough with their numbers to be able to confidently share interesting, insightful information that will make an impact on their donors. Sound familiar? You might feel like understanding your numbers is complicated or confusing – but I have a solution!

In this episode, I’m diving into why Master Your Nonprofit Numbers is THE program for nonprofit leaders who want to understand and communicate their numbers with a clear and simple system that truly works.

The best part: The course requires NO accounting knowledge or a background in finance. It was designed exclusively for YOU, the busy nonprofit leader who’s wearing ALL the hats. Clarity and confidence is the name of our game!

In honor of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and the official kickoff of the holiday season, we are offering Master Your Nonprofit Numbers at 50% off!  (Use code: BLACKFRIDAY50) 

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Grab it now and invest in your own professional development this year!


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Master Your Nonprofit Numbers at 50% off!  (Use code: BLACKFRIDAY50) 

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