Mastering Nonprofit Cash Flow: From Strapped to Stacked

Are you on the nonprofit cash flow rollercoaster? Managing cash flow is one of the trickiest things for nonprofit leaders because so much of it is out of our control. And while it can feel dizzying to be on the constant up and down of cash coming in and going out, there are ways to manage. 

In this episode, we dive into different strategies your organization can use to help better manage your cash flow like leveraging your strategic plan, keeping up to date with your bookkeeping, and putting better financial controls into place. We also discuss how you can diversify your revenue streams to help fill in the gaps during your cash flow “off seasons.”

While managing cash flow is a common struggle for organizations, there are resources out there to help. We explore different tools nonprofits can use to help them better plan and manage their finances, including a free cash flow forecast template. 


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Episode Summary

In today’s episode, you’ll learn practical tips and strategies for managing your nonprofit’s cash flow, including: 

•Cash flow challenges (1:05)

•Why you should include cash flow management in your strategic plan (6:30)

•How to manage when your nonprofit is on a revenue rollercoaster (7:50)

•Why good bookkeeping is vital to your organization (12:10)

•Resources to help forecast cash flow (14:45)

•Strategies for diversifying your revenue (16:40)

•Strengthening financial controls (18:20)



“Our revenue is solid, so why in the world does it feel so, so hard to make payroll?”

“There’s a lot that’s within our control, a lot beyond our control, but it all impacts our cash flow.”

“Often expenses just get out of control really quickly and so it takes some intention and some planning to make sure we’re reigning them in.”

“You don’t have to stare at a blank Excel sheet and freak out.”


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