Public Relations for Nonprofits: Your Questions Answered with Caitlin Copple and Holly Conti

Are you a nonprofit leader feeling intimidated by public relations? You know you want to spread awareness for your organization, but PR feels scary and you have questions. Is it marketing? Is it fundraising? What is it exactly? If this sounds familiar, then stick around. 

In this episode of The Prosperous Nonprofit, I’m chatting with two special guests, Caitlin Copple and Holly Conti, co-owners of Full Swing Public Relations. They’re addressing your burning questions about PR and how you can leverage it to help grow your awareness… and your donor contributions. 

We’re diving into what PR is and strategies for PR outreach like including different audiences and how to craft compelling stories. We also chat about what pieces of PR nonprofits can DIY if they’re not ready to make the investment in a PR firm. Plus, we talk through the ROI of PR, a timeline of when you can start to see results, and how to play the long game. This episode is packed with great information that can help you leverage PR to meet your fundraising goals!


About Caitlin and Holly

Caitlin and Holly are co-owners of Full Swing Public Relations, the nation’s leading agency serving small business owners from underrecognized communities. Founded in 2019, Full Swing PR helps BIPOC and LGBTQ+ led companies and organizations increase their visibility, credibility, and sales through expertly-executed public relations strategies. Learn more at


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Episode Summary

In this episode, you’ll learn PR strategies you can use to get media traction and higher donor engagement and contributions, like:

•What is Public Relations? (6:45)

•Why it’s important to include different audiences in your PR outreach (9:40)

•Tips for crafting a compelling story to pitch to the media (12:00)

•What pieces of PR nonprofits can DIY (18:30)

•The timeline for seeing results from a PR investment (27:45)

•The ROI of PR (33:05)

•Playing the long game with PR (39:00)

•Innovative PR strategies for the nonprofit sector (41:25)



“Oftentimes what I see with nonprofits is that they have a ton of untapped potential. They have untapped things at their fingertips that they aren’t taking advantage of.”

“After six weeks of doing some PR stuff in the media and then nurturing their audience, we sent one more email with an ask, and that one email got them $18,000 in donations.”

“It’s ideal if you have at least three months to commit to a concentrated [PR] effort.”



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