Using Creativity to Shake Up the Nonprofit World with Treger Strasberg

Are you looking for fresh ideas to shake up your nonprofit and grow your impact? If so, then you’re in luck! Special guest and founder of Humble Design, Treger Strasberg, is sharing all the different ways she’s shaking up the nonprofit world like…  how she communicates with her donors, and using empathy, dignity, and creativity as part of her nonprofit’s mission.

She also dives into how she’s been able to grow her nonprofit beyond Detroit to Chicago, Cleveland, Seattle, and San Diego by having set standard operating procedures. Treger also tells us how she’s inspiring those outside of her organization to get involved and sharing a huge mindset shift she experienced that completely changed the way she communicates with donors. 


About Treger

Treger did not set out to create a national nonprofit or fill a hole in the continuum of care for homeless individuals. She did not plan on establishing a system that would help thousands of veterans, women, children, and families to stop the revolving door of homelessness for them. She had no intention of connecting with countless volunteers and supporters who shared her life view of leading with empathy and dignity. She just wanted to help a friend in need.

To date, Humble Design has furnished over 3,200 homes for over 9,100 hard-working moms, dads, kids, and veterans exiting homeless shelters. Families who have benefited from the home furnishings from Humble Design have had a 99 percent success rate of remaining in their homes. Humble Design was born out of the belief that families emerging from homelessness deserve to come home each day to a clean, friendly, and dignified home.

Treger is honored to have been nominated for two Emmys for the TV show “Welcome Home,” which follows Treger and her husband Rob through the process of changing a family’s life through design. She has been awarded ABC World News Person of the Week, Volunteer of the Year in Michigan, Woman of Distinction in California, IIDA Business Innovator, TCH Diversity Award, the Lighthouse Salute America Award, Optimist Club’s Ruby Award, Girl Scout of America’s One Tough Cookie Award, Make your Marc award by Marc Fisher, and Oakland County Executive’s Elite 40 Under 40, and others.


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Episode Summary

In this episode, you’ll learn how Treger Strasberg of Humble Design is shaking up the nonprofit world including: 

•Diving head first into the nonprofit world (5:55)

•Changing the nonprofit landscape with creativity (8:30)

•Providing dignity and empathy to families experiencing homelessness (13:00)

•Growing your nonprofit’s impact and empowering others across the country to help (18:40)

•The importance of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) (23:30)

•Finding inspiration in the nonprofit world (25:55)

•Changing the way you communicate with donors (28:00)



“I didn’t want to just stick with any furniture that came my way. I wanted it to be dignified and respectful because she was my friend.”

“Those stories, for me, have opened up my eyes that this is an epidemic in this country that’s coming down, whether we like it or not. Ans it is not just drug-addicted, mentally ill individuals who are struggling with being unhoused. One in four individuals in the United States are going to struggle with homelessness at some point in their life.”

“We’re still governed by this archaic system that feels frustrating because our minds are living in this one world yet our financial statements are being judged in this other world.”



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