Transcript Episode 48

Episode 48: 5 Money Mindset and Management Book Recommendations


Transcript Episode 48

Stephanie Skryzowski

Welcome to the 100 Degrees of Entrepreneurship Podcast, the show for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to get inspired to step outside of your comfort zone, expand it to your purpose and grow your business in a big way. I’m your host, Stephanie Skryzowski, a globe trotting CFO whose mission is to empower leaders to better understand their numbers to grow their impact and their income. Let’s dive in!

Hey, everyone, welcome back to 100 Degrees of Entrepreneurship. I’m your host, Stephanie Skryzowski. I am really excited today because we are talking about books!

I’ve been an avid reader ever since I was a little girl. When I was younger, my dad had a sailboat, a small sailboat. We used to take it out on the weekends and sail around the Finger Lakes in Western New York here. And instead of you know, being out on the deck and enjoying the sunshine and the cool breeze and the water, you would find me holed up in the cabin – reading all day long. Just reading.

I’m always looking for book recommendations, especially at the end of the year between Christmas and New Years when things are kind of quiet. And you just want to like cozy up with a cup of tea and a good book. But also throughout the year, I like to always have a book or two on my Kindle app or my iPad that I can just pick up whenever and to get reading.

So, in case you are like me, I wanted to share five books with you today that I really love. And these five books, I’ve read all of them more than once, or I plan to read them more than once. So you know that they are good, you know, they have good powerful takeaways. And I’m really excited to share them with you today.

So we kind of have a theme. The theme is around money mindset and leadership and managing your money and just being intentional of your resources so that you can stir up more wealth, more abundance, more joy, and just become a better leader and a stronger person. So let’s do it!

My first book today is We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachael Rodgers. So I have been a member of Rachael Rodgers club for a couple years now. And she has created just some powerful resources within her club, and distilled a lot of what she has done into this book. And I have bought several copies of it, I’ve given several copies of way I have read it myself, and just devoured it.

She talks about everything from how to make million dollar decisions versus broke ass decisions, how to set million dollar boundaries in your life, how to surround yourself with your million dollar squad. Right? Having the right people in your life as you are growing and upleveling.

Then she talks about really how to get yourself to your first million dollars. And maybe it is a side hustle. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur and you’re growing your business. It could be a lot of different things. But she kind of gives you a roadmap or a framework to get there she tells stories about herself.

She came from very, very humble beginnings and built her business from nothing. She’s a mom of four and she’s married. So she’s got a lot going on. Right? This is not like a guide from a 25 year old who’s not married, has no kids, whatever. So this is a really practical guide. I love this book. And we definitely recommend that you read it if you have not already. So, We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachael Rodgers.

The second book is The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. So the premise of this book is that basically, we have this invisible ceiling that we have unconsciously, like imposed on ourselves. And so anytime that our happiness or our abundance or our joy gets too close to this invisible ceiling, anytime we’re just like, too happy, we unintentionally self sabotage. And so we pick fights with our spouse, or we mess something up at work.

What he teaches is how to leap beyond this invisible ceiling, so that our possibility for wealth and abundance and joy is beyond this invisible ceiling that we’ve imposed upon ourselves. So, it’s super powerful. It’s like a relatively short read. It’s worth reading every single year and it’s not super woo-woo. So if you’re like, oh, boy, I don’t think I’m going to be into that. That’s okay.

This book is really really powerful, and will help you really recognize when you’re about to self sabotage, I will tell you, it has literally saved me from sabotaging myself when I have hit certain levels in my business and in my life of abundance and joy. So I highly recommend The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks!

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Number three: Brene Brown. Okay, my friends, I’m talking about Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. So I will tell you, I have started several of Brene Browns books. And I have not been a huge fan in the past. That may be like sacrilege for some of you who are super fans of Brene Brown. I’m sorry, but it just hasn’t connected with me. However, Dare to Lead is different.

So, Dare to Lead is basically her books Daring greatly and Rising Strong, but putting them in the context of work. And so.. Oh, man, my friends, you know me, I love working. I love my business. I’m an Enneagram 3. I’m an achiever, I like working. So maybe that’s why I like this put in the context of work. So this is all about like, basically how to be a good leader, and how to take some of her concepts around shame and vulnerability and apply them at work.

And I have to tell you, I got uncomfortable a little bit in this book because the idea of being intentionally vulnerable with my team of now 12 soon to be 15 people? That gives me a little bit of anxiety, I will tell you. So this book was super powerful. I journaled through it, there were definitely like different activities that I wanted to implement with my team. And I loved her exercise.

There’s an exercise in here about defining your core values as a person and as a team. And I really enjoyed this book. So this is definitely a read again. So if you’re in any type of leadership role, whether that’s as an entrepreneur or whether that’s just leadership in your company or leadership over you know, a group you volunteer with or whatever it might be. Dare to lead by Brene Brown, I definitely recommend this one.

Okay, number four Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. You knew I had to tell you this one, right? I know I just did an episode on my hot take on profit first episode 47 of this podcast, and a Profit First is a handbook. It is a practical handbook on how to manage your money in your business. So if you do not invest in anything else to help you manage your money in your business, Profit First is where you should invest – literally. It’s probably like 20 bucks on Amazon if that.

So Profit First is just a handbook to teach you where your money should go and literally like what you need to do with your money. Super simple, super easy read this is not necessarily a like curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and a cozy afternoon. It is a handbook to teach you how to manage your money in your business in a very practical, easy way. That’s going to help you honestly keep more money keep more of the hard earned money that you make.

Profit First Mike Michalowicz. And if you want to hear more about Profit First and what the method is, and how I recommend you go about doing it. Definitely go ahead and listen to episode 47 of this podcast!

Okay, my last book is I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. So I love this book, I follow Ramit on Instagram. And he is all about like defining what is your rich life? What are the things that are important to you that you want to spend money on, and how to live your rich life. He’s unabashed about the way that he lives his rich life. So, to him, his rich life is about convenience. I know that’s one of the things that he mentioned.

He doesn’t use this as an example in the book, I don’t think about what he means it’s like, I think about that as well. And instead of going to the grocery store, even though Instacart is more expensive, like he’ll spend the money on that because it’s convenient, right? And that’s one of my things, too.

In the book, though, it’s a little bit about mindset, it’s a little bit about helping you understand what is your rich life. But also, there’s some practical tips in here, like how to crush your debt and your student loans, how to set up high interest bank accounts, how to save money, but also really still spend money on what is important to you.

He’s all about and he talks about this on Instagram all the time. All about making $30,000 decisions, not $3 decisions, right? So like, you know, spending hours upon hours trying to save 80 bucks, rather than be spending that time on thinking about how to make $8,000.

Actually, Rachael Rogers has an example about that in her book too, which I love. So really thinking bigger, and not scrimping and saving because that is not what is going to get you rich, right? Like not buying that Starbucks three times a week. That’s not going to make you rich, so I love it.

And really, again, none of the books I’m recommending to you are about becoming rich for the sake of being rich. Like everything in the books I’m telling you is about like, how to use your money and your financial management to really help you have more not only wealth, but also abundance and joy in your life. I think this one is super powerful too. I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi.

Alright, my friends, you got a reading list ahead of you. So you’ve got a little bit of homework. I’ll run through them one more time. And then I will say, please, if you decide to read any of those books, tag me over on Instagram. We can have a little mini book club in the DMS. Okay, so here we go!

We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi.

So, happy reading! Let’s have a little book club in the DMS over on Instagram.

Thanks for listening to the 100 degrees of entrepreneurship podcast. To access our show notes and bonus content, visit Make sure to snap a screenshot on your phone of this episode and tag me on instagram @stephanie.skry and I’ll be sure to share. Thanks for being here friends, and I’ll see you next time!

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