Transcript Episode 61

Episode 61: One Year Anniversary of 100 Degrees of Entrepreneurship!

Transcript Episode 61

Stephanie Skryzowski  

Welcome to the 100 Degrees of Entrepreneurship podcast the show for purpose driven entrepreneurs who want to get inspired to step outside of your comfort zone. Expand it to your purpose and grow your business in a big way. I’m your host, Stephanie Skryzowski, a globe trotting CFO whose mission is to empower leaders to better understand their numbers to grow their impact and their income. Let’s dive in!

Hey, everybody, welcome back to the podcast! I’m excited to be with you today to talk about the one year anniversary of the 100 degrees of entrepreneurship podcast. Okay, I’m actually about a month late. I am recording this right now, and it is March 31 and March 1 was, technically, our one year anniversary. So a little bit late, but better late than never. So I just want to share with you what it has been like doing the podcast for an entire year!

To be honest with you, aside from serving our clients, I’m not sure that there’s anything else in my business that I have done consistently every single week for an entire year since I started the business seven years ago. So, this kind of deserves its whole own record, really. It’s really exciting. I wanted to share with you a few lessons I’ve learned and just some of my thoughts and ideas.

And you know, if I plan to continue, answer, like spoiler alert, yes, I’m gonna keep doing this. And yeah, just have a little casual conversation about what I’ve learned after a year of doing this podcast. So, I think the first thing is that I find this medium of communication, probably the easiest. And the easiest way for me to put out content. Now, I am not doing anything behind the scenes.

So basically, when we started the podcast, I had the idea. I had the ideas for the interviews and I reach out to my potential guests to invite them to come on the show. But beyond that, once the episode is recorded, I literally use the world’s simplest software. Because if you know me, I’m not like a super techy person. So I was instructed by our amazing podcast, launch team and producers and exactly how to record the episode. I download the audio file, I drop it into Google Drive, and that is where my responsibility ends.

So I don’t have to do anything after that. We really spent a lot of time building out a process so as much as possible is automated. And then we have different team members responsible for different pieces. Then magically, the episode is live every single Monday morning. So it has been really easy for me to put the show on because really, it’s just a matter of thinking of topics.

There’s like no end to the number of things we could talk about on the show and just inviting guests. And so beyond that, like that’s it for me. So if you’re thinking about doing a podcast, really think about the process. Because what you don’t want is this new thing to be taking hours and hours and hours of your time. You know, you doing things that you’re not an expert at.

There are plenty of people out there that would love your business to produce your show. To edit it, to upload it to all the podcast sites, and you don’t have to do that yourself. And so that’s what we hire people out for in our for our podcast. So I’ve loved that it’s been a really easy way for me to get content out. And one of the biggest lessons learned is around automation and systems and processes.

I think the other lesson I’ve learned along the way is hopefully I’ve become a better interviewer, I don’t know, I think y’all have to be the judge of that. I think I’ve become a better interviewer over time, and really loosened up a little bit and not felt so quite rigid. When asking questions, I will admit that every single person who’s been a guest on the show, so far in the past year has been like either a friend or a friend of a friend of mine.

So it always has felt really comfortable and casual and I don’t want to change the vibe of that conversation for sure. One thing I would like to do in the future is I would like to go deeper with some guests and ask them, you know, kind of go dig deeper into different topics. And I think I always want to make sure that you all, all of our wonderful listeners, are getting something out of these shows.

So making sure that our guests, both our guests and myself are really giving you some tidbits. Some tips and tricks and strategies and ideas and anything that you can then take away into your business. That’s the goal, right? For me, this is not really like an entertainment type show, right? I’m not trying to be funny and entertain you in some way.

I want to give you actionable things that you can take and apply in your own life and your own business. And so I think just continuing to sharpen and hone my interviewing skills will really help with that. I think something that I want to do in the future in my show is really connect what we’re talking about here to the work that we are actually doing so I want to bring more clients on the show.

So we can really hear about what real  business owners are doing with their money and how they’re managing their money and how they are choosing to grow their business. We’ve had many of our clients on the show actually already, but there’s a lot more where that came from. So I want to definitely invite more clients on. I also want to invite some of our team members on the show just to learn from somebody else that’s not me.

What it’s like to be a CFO, what it’s like to be inside a growing business working with an entrepreneur like me, right? I think there’s a lot to be gained from learning from our team and some of our clients as well. So I’m really excited to bring that to you. The other thing that I want to do is continue to build our community, right. There’s a whole lot of you that are listening to the show right now.

And I am so incredibly grateful. There’s a lot of people that are on our email list and there’s a lot of people that engaging with me over on Instagram. But I’m not sure that it’s all the same people, right? I want to make sure that we are hanging out in all the places. So if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, I would love if you would do that. Because I feel like here, you definitely get the real Stephanie, right.

Like you hear all about what’s working, what’s not working in my business and lots of other businesses. And I share lots of details here, that’s for sure. But I’m also sharing over an Instagram some of the behind the scenes of my life and behind the scenes of our team and our business and things that we’re working on that I might not be ready to share here on the podcast yet.

I would love if you would come hang out with us over on Instagram. My Instagram handle, I’m pretty sure I mentioned it every podcast episode. So if you’re not following me yet, it’s @stephanie.skry over on Instagram. I would love to hang out with you over there as well. And then if you’re not on our email list, we have a lots and lots and lots of ways to do that. But the best one is probably to grab our free profit playbook.

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So if you grab that, you know the deal, you put in your email address and you’re on our email list. And a lot of the time, our best and first announcements are going to our email list, are going to that place first. So I want you to be a part of all the communities. That’s one thing I have found a little bit tricky about the podcast is I don’t know who’s out there. I don’t know who you are, right?

Like I can see all my Instagram followers, I can see everybody who’s on our email list. But you my friend, you are a mystery to me. I have no idea who’s listening to this. So I would just love if we could connect in another way. It’s kind of tricky to tell with a podcast like are people liking, there’s no likes, right? Like you can’t like an episode, you can leave me a review. If you have, I am incredibly grateful for you.

If you haven’t, I would so appreciate if you did that. But that’s really the only way I have any idea if this content is landing. Otherwise, it’s just me talking to myself in my office with my groaning and snoring dog on the floor. I don’t know if you heard that noise but that was my dog sort of like moaning and rolling over. He’s 13 and a half years old so he’s a little old man. But I have no idea if the content is resonating what you like, what you don’t like. So I would love to just hear from you in a review. That would be amazing.

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Another lesson that I have learned or something I’ve really taken away from podcasting is that I don’t have a need to be perfect. Yes, I have an editor and he edits out anywhere where I have a coughing fit and I’m like coughing into the microphone. Trust me, you don’t want to hear that.

So yeah, it’s out things like that. But otherwise, this is not a perfect show, right? Like, right now I’m not reading from anything. I am just talking to you like we are friends having a conversation. And I like it like that. I may be a perfectionist in other areas of my life, but this podcast is one place that I’m not a perfectionist. I’m happy to just stay here and chat with you and maybe stumble over my words sometimes and maybe not say exactly what I’m trying to say.

But personally, those are the shows that I like listening to the best. I really am not a huge fan of the shows where it sounds like somebody is reading, right? I will get an audio book for that or I will just go read the blog post or read the book, I really like those shows that feel conversational, right. And so that’s one thing that I’ve learned to totally set aside to doing this podcast is like perfection.

This doesn’t need to be perfect. This is just me. And I usually do one take and every episode and it is what it is right? So what that means is, is every episode my best best best episode? Of course not. It’s not, there’s going to be ones that are better than others. But I think that’s just a good lesson for business and life and entrepreneurship in general, like, listen, not every single thing that we put out into the world is going to be perfect. It’s not all going to be our best work. Otherwise, the term best has no meaning, right?

And for somebody like me who’s type A, like, honestly, that is, it’s pretty refreshing actually, to just know that, hey, you know what, I’ve got work that’s going out and Done is better than perfect. Another thing that I am going to be working on as we move into year two of the 100 degrees of entrepreneurship podcast, is branching out with my guests a little bit and asking people that I’m very nervous to ask to be honest. Like people that, you know, I’ve been admiring from afar, and who are more, “famous entrepreneurs” than I am.

Which is to say, you know, I’m not famous at all. So pretty much anybody meets that standard. But you know what I mean, some bigger names that maybe you’ve heard of, and maybe have larger and more successful businesses than me, because I think those are the people that we want to learn from. I know those are the people I want to learn from, right. I always want to be learning from somebody who’s a few steps ahead of me.

So maybe at this point, I’m a couple steps ahead of you. And so you are 100% in the right place, like way to go. And then I want to bring on people who are a few steps ahead of me to help us all elevate together. To be honest with you, I’ve been kind of nervous about asking some of these people. Trust me, my friends, I have a list. I have a list of people that I want as guests on this show that I have not asked yet because I’m afraid.

Maybe now that we’re crossing into one year of this podcast, maybe I’ll garner some courage and be able to ask some people onto the show that I think you would love to hear from, and that I think could provide so much good sound advice and insight. Just hearing about other people’s journeys is so, so impactful. So send me, send some courage my way, that’s what I need. For this next phase of the podcast, really reach out get outside of my comfort zone.

I mean, hey, isn’t that what we’re talking about all the time? Get outside of our comfort zone, and do what feels a little bit scary, right? There’s no way the show is going to continue to elevate and to touch the people it’s touching, if I don’t continue to innovate and grow and gets outside of my comfort zone as well.

And so my friends, I believe that the future of the 100 degrees of entrepreneurship podcast remains bright.

I have no intentions of stopping this and I think I’m just going to continue until it doesn’t feel good anymore until it doesn’t feel like the right thing. So I’m excited to keep bringing you as much value and content and wisdom and maybe a little bit of entertainment that I possibly can in each of our weekly episodes. And I just want to say again, how grateful I am that you are here. And I truly am. Because I can’t see you.

I would love if you would join our community in another way, whether that’s over on Instagram @stephanie.skry or through our email list where you can grab our free profit playbook then you’re on the list at Or just leave us a review over on iTunes like for a you know, a relatively newbie podcast, or it’s always so exciting to see what reviews pop up over on iTunes.

And honestly, it’s like somebody just delivers a bouquet of flowers to my door. It feels like that little ray of sunshine and it is really motivating for me to keep going. So I very much appreciate you. And thanks for listening. Thanks for being around for the last 365 days and 60 episodes and counting. I know we’ve got a lot more in us and I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

Thanks for listening to the 100 degrees of entrepreneurship podcast. To access our show notes and bonus content, visit Make sure to snap a screenshot on your phone of this episode and tag me on Instagram @stephanie.skry and I’ll be sure to share thanks for being here friends and I’ll see you next time.


Transcript for Episode 61

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