Meet Your Year-End Fundraising Goals with Morgan Gross

Are you in the year-end fundraising time crunch? The end of the year is often one of the busiest times for nonprofits, with teams hustling to achieve their year-end fundraising goals. That’s why I am so excited to have a special guest and fundraising expert, Morgan Gross in this podcast episode. 

Morgan shares how she’s helped nonprofits achieve their fundraising goals and expand their reach internationally. She also shares with us what strategies she’s used to achieve these goals like leveraging the power of technology, utilizing peer-to-peer fundraising techniques, and navigating the fine line of ethical storytelling. Morgan gives listeners creative ideas for not only engaging donors but also educating them, furthering fundraising impact. If you’re a nonprofit leader looking to meet your year-end fundraising goals, then this episode is for you. 


About Morgan Gross

Morgan is the founder and CEO of Fundraising Beyond Borders. Her mission is to help international nonprofits fundraise with confidence. She works with organizations to give them the strategies to succeed so that they can continue making the world a better place. 

She co-founded her first nonprofit in 2014 and has years of experience building from the ground up. After traveling and creating award-winning fundraising campaigns across East and Southern Africa, she learned the success of international nonprofits lies in a customized fundraising plan, realistic fundraising goals, targeted messaging, and global donor engagement techniques. Years later, she’s now dedicated to coaching individuals and groups that strive to make a material impact on causes they love. 


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Episode Summary

In today’s episode, you’ll learn strategies for meeting your year-end fundraising goals and expanding your reach internationally, like:

•Focusing on the power of storytelling (8:10)

•Conducting international fundraising campaigns (10:00)

•The power of technology (11:20)

•Leveraging peer-to-peer fundraising (13:10)

•Why you need a donor management system (15:25)

•Tweaking your storytelling methods to speak to your different audiences (19:00)

•Navigating the fine line of ethical storytelling (22:30)

•Perspective on the future of the nonprofit sector (24:35)

•Creative methods for engaging donors (27:00)

•Educating your donors (30:00)



“The power of peer-to-peer fundraising is incredible.”

“You have to do a ton of research on that and figure out who your donors are, who and who your ideal donor is. In regards to storytelling, that is so crucial.”

“We may need a different message for different people on our list at different times.”

“How are we actually engaging our donors? …Yes, it’s communication, but it’s also education. How are we educating our donors? And also, how are we making a community and providing a community for our donors to get engaged?”



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