More opportunities for US to work together!

Over the past few months, I have been updating Facebook and Instagram most frequently with what’s going on in the business but slightly neglecting this blog. Specifically, there are a couple exciting things I’m launching that I want you to know about and be a part of.

First. Master Your Nonprofit Numbers is an online course I’ve been building, beta testing, and refining over the last six months. It’s designed to be a comprehensive primer on all things nonprofit financial management for nonprofit leaders and boards. This is the perfect course for anyone in your organization who needs to deepen their knowledge of nonprofit financial management and will help bring clarity and confidence around your numbers. It’s also perfect if you need support but aren’t ready to work with our team one on one yet.

I’m excited about this because it’s a compilation of everything I’ve learned over the last decade, plus it gives me a way to support even more organizations than we do now. It was a lot of hard work, and frankly I’m proud of this course. From a business standpoint, while it’s quite a modest investment for nonprofits out there, it represents an additional revenue stream for my business which always strengthens the finances!

If you’re interested, check out the course here

Second. I have written several times about the power of a mastermind, a group of people who come together for a period of time to solve business problems, learn from one another, and create opportunities to grow personally and professionally. I’ve been a part of a couple and they’ve literally changed my life.

But it keeps coming back to me that the nonprofit community is underserved in this area. There are very few opportunities for nonprofit leaders to share challenges, develop solutions, and grow in a way that is affordable and sustainable. Nonprofit leaders, especially newer CEOs and EDs, can’t talk to their teams, can’t talk to their boards, and often their friends or peers are busy or in other industries and don’t understand the challenges of working for a nonprofit.

So I have developed a two day intensive workshop for nonprofit leaders, where we will cover helpful strategies related to finance, HR, and operations, plus give each leader an opportunity for a hot seat session to share a challenge and gain clarity and answers from the group wisdom. Prior to the workshop, we will do a one on one call to help leaders zero in on their greatest challenge and start figuring it out, as well as a group call so everyone can get to know each other prior to our time in person.

We will likely have a guest speaker or two with plenty of actionable takeaways for after we leave the workshop.

I am so, so, so excited about this for a few reasons. First, I am thrilled about the opportunity to bring together leaders from around the globe to get to know each other and learn. I’m excited to create a safe space where nonprofit leaders feel understood. And finally, I’m excited to expand my own network and get to know more fabulous people.

The workshop will be in Q1 2019 in New York City, so stay tuned for more detailed information coming soon.

What if you’re thinking, but I’m not a nonprofit! What about me?

I have got you COVERED, my friend. I am finishing up a BRAND NEW online course for entrepreneurs, specifically designed for purpose-driven businesses who are in the first couple years of their business. It is designed to be a short course, done in a day, that will give you the foundation you need to be your own CFO, hit your goals, and maximize your bottom line, immediately.

I’ll share more info soon, but know that this is going to be a game-changer for early stage small businesses!

How do we do it all, you ask? Fueled by green tea, chocolate chip cookies, and the amazing team at 100 Degrees Consulting.