Are your habits aligned with your goals?


Welcome to February, the month where New Year’s resolutions go to die!

***thinks of 25 year old Stephanie who made long rambling lists of things to accomplish in 365 days, like “learn to sail”***

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Everything doesn’t need to get done immediately.

True instant gratification doesn’t exist when it comes to our big goals.

For example, I thought about starting a podcast last year but knew that there was important groundwork I needed to lay before doing that. Rather than rushing it and releasing an okay version of the podcast just to check it off a list, I decided to wait until I was ready to do it right. (Hint, hint, exciting things coming!)

I’ve learned that little steps that become daily habits are much more effective to achieve your goals and have a bigger impact. And sometimes the little steps are actually just daily habits that we want to cultivate that will eventually add up to a much bigger impact.

When I wrote this, I went back and looked at my daily routine over the last five years and it has shifted and changed as my goals and priorities have changed. But the common thread is that my routine is always aligned with my goals.

Right now, my daily routine includes:

  • Exercising first thing every morning
  • Reading before bed
  • Drinking at least 64 oz of water
  • Tidying my workspace and the rest of my home
  • Writing in a journal

These daily habits keep me grounded, calm, focused, balanced, in control, and growth-minded. It’s like a mini checklist towards achieving my goals.

If your money or finances are part of your goals this year, your daily routine might include:

  • Checking your bank balance
  • Reviewing your forecast
  • Journaling about any mindset blocks
  • Check in with a friend
  • Practice self-care

PS – Daily routines are mini steps towards our big goals, so make sure that your days look like where you want to go. Want bite-sized pieces of content like this? Follow along on Instagram >>> @stephanie.skry