Episode 11: Four Tips To Manage Your Email

Podcast graphic for episode 11 Four Tips To Manage Your Email

Having trouble getting to Inbox Zero? Feeling like you’re playing whack-a-mole with your emails all day every day? You’re not alone.

And in this episode of the podcast, I’m giving your 4 practical tips on how to reduce the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm of an overflowing email box.

To get there, we’re tackling everything from a super helpful tool to use, what types of processes or systems to put in place and even the importance of creating and maintaining boundaries.

And if setting up an email process to manage your inbox makes you feel like you have “one more thing” to do, let me tell you this: When you implement these four simple tips, you’ll have more time to spend working on your business, more time to focus on clients and more time to spend with those that matter most.

Sound good? Let’s get to it, then.

A hard boundary I’ve set for myself is that I’m only going to check emails when I know that I can actually respond.

In This Episode We Explore:

  • Why you should unsubscribe end the email inbox noise 
  • How to time your inbox checks to reduce your overwhelm and why “I’ll just reply really quickly.” isn’t the answer 
  • How to batch your inbox replies so you stay focused as your write
  • When to use folders and filters to delegate email to other team members
  • How to respond to emails on weekends or late nights without setting false expectations or breaking with your boundaries when you do
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