Episode 22: Behind the Scenes: A Day in My Mom-Entrepreneur Life

Episode 22: Behind the Scenes: A Day in My Mom-Entrepreneur Life

Today I’m bringing you behind the scenes to show you what it’s like day-to-day in my life and business. 

I think it’s so interesting to see how other people live and go about their days.  These peeks behind the curtain can help us to get to know that person better, of course. (And you’ll certainly get to know a bit more about me today.) 

They can also give us a new perspective that helps us clarify what our ideal daily life really looks like. That way we can get even more passionate about getting outside of our comfort zone to grow and work toward that goal.

Today I’m going to explore the things I’m most grateful for, the things I’m working to change in my current routine, and what it’s really like for me to navigate work and motherhood.

Along the way, I’ll share the things that help me stay balanced so that you can get some ideas for how they can help you too.

So, let’s get to it!

“I think it’s important to really be grateful for what I do have. And there are things that I really love about my routine. But also to think about, okay, how can I make this just a little bit closer to what that ideal day looks like for me?”

In This Episode We Explore:

  • What a “dream day” exercise is and how it can help you find the aligned (and misaligned) parts of your day-to-day
  • How to align your dream day with your bigger vision and goals
  • What I love about my current routine and how I’ve taken steps to make those things happen
  • What I’m working to shift in my day-to-day and why I’ve decided to make those changes
  • How I experience the benefits of “work from home mom life” in my day
  • Why I don’t compromise when it comes to health and sleep

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