Episode 35: Unraveling Your Entrepreneurial Superpower Using Wealth Dynamics with Diane Mayor

Episode 35 Unraveling Your Entrepreneurial Superpower Using Wealth Dynamics with Diane Mayor featured blog post image

Joining me in this episode, I have Diane Mayor, a business strategist who helps entrepreneurs build successful lifestyle businesses.

Diane’s experience in the finance world has given her an edge when it comes to helping entrepreneurs build successful lifestyle businesses. With over a decade-worth of knowledge, she knows exactly how to take small businesses from decision fatigue and information overwhelm to confidently taking the right action in the right way with the right people for their business!

She’s also the host of the Coffee and Converse podcast. I’ve actually been invited to share my thoughts on, you guessed it, NUMBERS! Sharing a conversation with Diane has been such a delight, that I just haaaad to have her spread her magic here.

I had such a grand time talking with Diane about her journey from working in corporate to embracing her superpower as an innovator. So yes, she is a numbers wiz, like me, but she operates with a truckload-full of ideas and strategies.

As if that’s not enough to catch your attention, we’re also diving deep into the Wealth Dynamics test, what it’s about, what personality types there are, and what my results mean.

(Yep! I took the test before our interview. So, she will legit share her assessment of my Wealth Dynamics personality test results in this episode. Exciting, I know!!)

“What?! Another personality test?”

Yes, buckle up, it’s another personality test. BUT unlike Strengths Finder, Myers-Briggs, DisC, or the Enneagram, Wealth Dynamics is specifically designed for entrepreneurs to help them find their flow – what they’re naturally good at aka their superpower. Which is pretty darn fascinating if you ask me!

So, yeah… super excited for you to listen to this insightful discussion, especially since this episode is a little different from what we’ve done before here on the podcast.

Without further ado, let’s dive into my episode with Diane Mayor, friends!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Diane Mayor’s journey from working a traditional finance corporate job into full-blown business owner
  • What is Wealth Dynamics and how can it help you understand your superpower?
  • What kind of AHA moments do Diane’s clients get once they complete the Wealth Dynamics: Entrepreneur Personality Test?
  • How outsourcing things that aren’t your superpower can help you show up at your best
  • Diane Mayor shares her assessment of my Wealth Dynamics results, along with her insight on the other 7 profile results
  • How is the Wealth Dynamics: Entrepreneur Personality Test different from MBTI, Strengths Finder, and other similar tests

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