Episode 66: Being YOU is Your Niche with Kacia Fitzgerald

Episode 66 Being You is Your Niche with Kacia Fitzgerald featured blog post image

Joining us on this week’s podcast is none other than, Kacia Fitzgerald!

For those of you who have yet to meet our amazing guest, Kacia is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and CEO of SheGoes Co and EmpowerHER. In this episode, we talk about how being and listening to yourself is the key to your business success.

I’ve always been fascinated with people like Kacia who understand the value of understanding the power of her emotions and energy,and using it to transform her perspective to better connect with others in her community.

It’s also really interesting how being an entrepreneur wasn’t her first career choice. Before embracing her calling as a business mentor & podcaster, Kacia started by working in the corporate world. In our conversation, she shared that even though she was making good income and her career trajectory made sense on paper, she truly felt that she wasn’t on the right path. She wanted MORE.

If this sounds like you, then I highly recommend you listen in and discover how Kacia’s journey of self-discovery has allowed her not only to empower herself, but also other women, to become more confident and successful in their chosen fields.

“Give yourself grace. Give yourself radical compassion and just touch base and take inventory of this season of life you’re in and be careful that you’re not your own worst critic.” – Kacia Fitzgerald

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Kacia’s journey into making EmpowerHER Podcast
  • Why aligning yourself with what you want can ease your business
  • Questions to ask yourself to find your niche
  • How micro-wins help you fill your Confidence Bucket
  • Her unique labeling of emotions that lessens your self-struggles

Links in this episode: 

More resources to help you boost your business growth:


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