Episode 68: How to Protect Your Business Rights with Sarah Waldbuesser

Episode 68 How to Protect Your Business Rights with Sarah Waldbuesser featured blog post image

Legal matters can sound scary, but it won’t be as intimidating once you open yourself to the benefits of legally protecting your business. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of your biz getting all #legit and ready for anything, this one’s for you!

In this week’s episode of 100 Degrees of Entrepreneurship, we have Sarah Waldbuesser, an attorney and the Founder of Destination Legal. Her company helps coaches and online entrepreneurs with the legalities of businesses. 

How did this all come to be, you might ask. Well, after quitting her law firm job, Sarah realized two things she loved – travel and helping women entrepreneurs. So, she took her love for adventure and created businesses all while traveling. 

And guess what? No matter where in the world she was, people still came to her for legal advice! That moment sparked something in Sarah, and Destination Legal came to be.

Tune in as we dive deep into Sarah’s story on how she went from law firm employee to globe-trotting business owner. Oh! We’ll also be discussing why you should stop neglecting your business legal rights, along with legal advice for anyone considering to protect their business.

“I really like getting intimate with the business. Feeling like I really know the ins and outs, and get to hang out with awesome business owners is super fun too.” – Sarah Waldbuesser

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Sarah’s memorable journey on building Destination Legal
  • Difference between Trademarks and Copyrights
  • Importance of Trademarking your business
  • Finding out when to register your business using the Gut Punch Test
  • Her Legal Advice on protecting your business

Links in this episode: 

More resources to help protect your business and make smarter decisions:


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