One Tiny Change

Last week I shared three of my favorite books in 2019 and how they made an impact on my life and business (and we have a fun giveaway running – enter at the end of this post to win copies of these books!) Little things, like reading a handful of good books, add up to big things, like changing how I think, act, and run my business. We don’t always need walk on the moon-level goals!

So today I wanted to share with you a simple change I’ve made that has significantly improved my balance, inner peace, and leadership ability:

Establishing a morning and afternoon routine

I don’t know about you, but my days often start with a whirlwind of activity and before I know it, eight hours have passed and I’m closing the laptop completely exhausted and ready to drown the stress of the day in a big bowl of pasta.

By starting and closing my days with a similar routine, I enter and leave my (home) office feeling accomplished, calm, focused, and ready to take on the next day with peace and ease.


  • I get up at the same time each day, early, and before my kids, to eliminate the crazy multi-tasking of getting everyone ready simultaneously
  • I spend at least ten minutes quietly journaling, reading, or meditating to focus my mind
  • I don’t touch my phone or computer until I’m done (most of the time!) to reduce distractions


  • I plan tomorrow’s priorities and ensure they’re aligned with my big picture goals
  • I update my to-do list accordingly, then cross at least one thing off
  • I clean off my desk. Remove empty cups, stray post-its, and put everything in its place

As a busy entrepreneur and mama, these little changes in my daily routine have resulted in a year of:

Focus – I know exactly what needs to be done and when

Growth – I can calmly and deliberately focus on my most important tasks that align with my biggest goals

Balance – I have intentional work and family times and my routines signal the beginning and end of each

What little changes have given you big results?

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