The biggest game-changer in my life and biz

In the past five years, I’ve built a business from a tiny idea to serving dozens of clients around the globe and creating a sustainable lifestyle and income for my growing family.

It hasn’t always been easy and I haven’t done it alone. As a Type A, Enneagram 3 (“The Achiever”) it’s hard for me to ask for or accept any type of help. I’m fiercely independent and my natural instinct is to go it alone (true story: I used to ask college professors to do group projects by myself, citing a myriad of reasons but mostly just preferring to work alone).

When my first daughter was a newborn, I hated accepting meals from family and friends because I thought it threatened my sense of accomplishment. Why shouldn’t I be able to make fresh homemade meals every day AND keep a tiny human alive?! I learned quickly that I needed the help and couldn’t have been more grateful to have hot, homemade meals available when I was so exhausted.

On the business side of things, the biggest game-changer for me has been hiring a coach.

Five years ago, I had no clue what I was doing. I Googled everything. I didn’t know how to take my business from overwhelm to sustainable.

I debated buying a course or attending a conference but craved one-on-one support. Because I had limited time already, I needed advice tailored to me and me alone!

Investing in several coaches over five years, I’ve gained:

A community. A coach becomes a tribe to reach out to, no matter how challenging my day, for advice, support, or encouragement. She’s been there and done that in a way that my team hasn’t. I’ve been given the confidence and clarity to make the toughest and most important decisions for my business and life with this tribe behind me.

Accountability. It’s so easy to toss ideas around with biz besties or our spouses, but let the ideas disappear into the ether. Coaches have helped me turn those ideas into reality. For example, I’d thought for months about adding to my team but I feared letting go. My coach provided the push I needed to make it happen.

Fresh perspective. Coaches have given me permission and ability to think bigger. Left to our own devices, we are all inclined to play small and slow. When I envisioned my business model looking the exact same in five years from now, my coach called me out for playing small.

Coaches have helped take me from overwhelmed to oh-so-balanced. AND I now have the confidence and skill to think bigger than I ever have. I’m pretty sure you can’t place a price tag on that.

Do you have a mentor or a coach? How has it changed your business or life? Let me know in the comments.

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