Transcript Episode 71

Episode 71: An Easy Money Manifestation Tip

Transcript Episode 71

Stephanie Skryzowski: Welcome to the 100 degrees of entrepreneurship podcast. The show for purpose driven entrepreneurs who wanna get inspired to step outside of your comfort zone, expand into your purpose, and grow your business in a big way. 

You’ll hear from entrepreneurs and leaders that have shifted their mindsets, learned life-changing lessons and built profitable businesses that fuel their lives and their hearts. And you’ll hear from me, Stephanie Skryzowski! 

My mission as a chief financial officer is to empower you to better understand your numbers to grow your impact and your income. Let’s dive in! 

Hey, everybody! Welcome back to the show. It’s Stephanie here today, coming to you from my closet. The sound quality actually might be pretty good today, coz I’m sitting on the carpeted floor of my walk-in closet. I am looking at a row full of scarves and shoe racks and all of my clothes and the bag of stuff I need to take to Goodwill. And yeah! I’m doing it because my husband is working on our kitchen right now and it’s super loud.

So, here I am coming to from the floor of my closet. And I’m talking about money manifestation today. 

So, my first question for you is do you believe in money manifestation? You’ve probably heard of it before. If you’re in the online business space, I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. And it’s this idea that you can sort of think these positive thoughts about money and more of it will show up in your life.

It’s not quite that simple and I am certainly not a money manifestation expert, so… yeah! I’m not gonna tell you whether this is right or wrong, but I wanna know, first of all, do you believe in this? Do you believe in this? 

Now, you might be thinking and listening here and nodding your head, as you’re looking at your crystal collection, and the abundance affirmation scattered about your office. You may be like, “yeah, I believe in money manifestation! Bring it on!” 

Or you might be thinking, “uh, no, that sounds shady and not real. And I don’t believe in magic. So this is ridiculous.” Okay. No matter which one you are, whether you have a massive collection of crystals or you’re like, “okay, I need to shut this show off right now,” stick with me. 

So I am not gonna tell you that you can simply think about money and it magically lands in your checking account because I don’t believe that’s how it works at all. Right? I don’t believe that you can just think something or you can just say things, say different mantras or different sayings, like, you know, money flows to me easily. I do love that one. And it’s going to flow to you while you’re sitting binging Netflix. Like that’s not how it happens. But I do believe that what you focus on expands.

So, let me tell you a story. A few weeks ago, I was feeling kind of down about my business finances. So we were in no way, like in dire straits. We were paying all of our bills. Things are fine, but our profit margin isn’t, wasn’t really where I wanted it to be. Thanks to a few, like pretty large investments that I had made.

Um, so these are choices that I had made money that I had spent. I was happy with the decision, but it just meant that our profit margin really wasn’t where I wanted it to be. And I was thinking back to the times when it just seemed like the bank account, the bank balance was just growing, growing, growing every single month, last year.

And I was really itching for the bank account to keep growing at the rate that it had been. Uh, but it just wasn’t happening. So, I could have done a couple things, right? I could have avoided looking at my numbers and just drowning my thoughts in the negative thinking like, “oh my gosh, this sucks. My business will never be what it was. I knew like it was too good to be true, I can’t continue with the pace that I was, you know, going before.” 

I could have gone that direction or I could have done something different. And that’s what I did. I started looking at my bank balance every single day. Literally logging in to Bank of America and looking at my balance every single day.

And it wasn’t changing that much day to day. Right. It’s not like it was one day I logged in and my balance was doubled or anything crazy like that. No, of course not. That would be magic and that’s not. Real, right.? 

But I started looking at my bank balance every single day. I reviewed my forecast and some key metrics in my business a couple times a month to check in on where we were compared to our plan.

So I was actually looking at the numbers frequently, and I know the key metrics in our business are related to how many sales calls we’re taking, how many clients we are actually signing. And then what our monthly recurring revenue number is. 

So I started looking at those a couple times a month. It wasn’t like every day, but I was just checking in on where we were. And I was paying a lot more attention to our pipeline of amazing new clients because having that strong pipeline, basically like clients that we have sent proposals to who are in the process of deciding if they’re gonna work with us or not like, that is the lifeblood of our organization. Right? 

We need this strong pipeline. So I was reviewing that pipeline on a regular basis and figuring out like, “okay, how do we make this decision easier for these people? How do we follow up with them in a way that helps them feel supported and also turns them into clients?” You know, so we are thinking about that and I was dreaming about what I would do when we hit our goals.

And so, one of the things is so important to me that as soon as we hit a specific goal, in terms of profit margin, I am going to offer full health benefits to our whole team. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but didn’t really feel like I had the margin to sustain it yet. Um, but as soon as we hit that goal, that’s the first thing I’m doing is offering health insurance to our whole team.

And the last thing that I did. Was every time a payment notification hit my inbox. So I get notifications from both QuickBooks and Stripe. When money is deposited into my account. I read the email, like usually you just delete them. Right? I read the email. I looked at the amount that was being deposited from the payments that our clients are making. And I said, “thank you.” I just said, “money coming in. Thank you. Thank you.”

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So instead of avoiding my numbers or drowning my thoughts in the negative- how things just aren’t, what they used to be. I flipped things around and I did those action items. Right? And guess what happened? I received an unexpected high four figure tax refund in the mail. So I was not expecting this tax refund and it was several thousand dollars that came in the mail for me.

I had literally found $25 on the street. I was walking down the street. There was nobody else anywhere around me. Literally not a soul. I found $25 on the street, I had two new exciting clients join us. I mean, and that was really just like that first week ever since then, we’ve had a lot more than two new clients join us, but that week alone, two new exciting clients joined us.

And our team did a whole deep dive audit. They were doing this audit of our invoicing for another project. For a more of like a process project to really think about our invoicing process, the way we invoice our clients. And in the process of doing this audit of our invoicing, our team found a handful of invoices that were owed to us.

We notified the clients and they paid us immediately. So like more unexpected cash. Money was literally flowing in the door after I had just changed my attitude around money. This is not magic, right? Like I didn’t do these things. And then, you know, it magically led to finding $25 on the street or, you know, us doing this invoicing project.

And now these invoices that were previously unpaid magically showed up, right? One could really argue that it was purely coincidence that when I changed my attitude, my thoughts, and my practices around money, that these things happened. 

You know, I’m kind of okay with like thinking that they were a coincidence and they would’ve happened anyway, despite my previous negative attitude. But I really believe that when I decided to focus positively on money, I was able to see and find more opportunities for money to come in. 

So, I want you to think about this in your own life? How are you sort of in your mind or energetically blocking money from coming into your life? Maybe it is, because you avoid looking at your bank balance at all costs. Like when’s the last time you logged in and looked at your bank balance, or do you have like automated texts set up to text you your bank balance every day to your phone? Like, that’s a really easy way to do this. 

So, how can you. Shift your focus around money? Maybe it’s looking at your bank balance. Maybe it’s looking at your forecast rather than just once a quarter, maybe once a month or maybe once every couple weeks, or maybe it’s dreaming a little bit bigger. What are you gonna do when you hit your goal? 

So I’m not telling you don’t go pray into any money gods or you don’t have to order a crystal if you’re like, “okay, this is a little too woo woo for me.” but I do want you to take one money related today. 

One money related action today, maybe it’s checking your bank balance. Maybe it’s doing a quick checkup to see how your revenue is tracking for the year compared to your goal. And we’re about halfway through the year. So this is honestly the perfect time to do that!

Or maybe you reach out to a past donor, if you’re a nonprofit. Or a past client to say hello and see what conversations can come of them. Maybe they have, you know, maybe your conversation, your email would be popping into their inbox, right at that perfect time when they literally just had a conversation with a friend who needs exactly the service you provide. And because you are popping into their inbox and therefore the top of their mind, you’re gonna be the first referral, the first thing that they think of. Right? 

So not going into any of these actions with any particular intention or expected outcome, right? But just to get the like money wheels flowing again. So, I believe, like I have said probably a million times before. If you know me, you’ve got this memorized, “what you focus on expands, right? We’re focusing on money. Money is expanding.” 

And it’s been. I don’t know it’s been probably a month or so since I have gotten back into my routine of looking at my bank balance every single day, expressing a moment of gratitude. When I see those payment notifications come in. Actually paying attention to the cash that’s coming in the door and out of the door. And good things keep happening. Right? 

And like I said, I’m not saying this is magic, I don’t think it’s magic at all. I think that when you’re paying attention to things like other good things happen when you’re not drowning yourself in the negative and drowning your thoughts in negative ones, like there’s a lot more room for the positive ones instead.

I wanna hear from you! What’s the one action that you have taken or are going to take? Or hopefully by the time you contact me, you will have taken what’s one money related action. You’re gonna take today to get yourself just a little bit closer to whatever your big money goals are. 

So you know where to find me! Let me know over at my Instagram is @stephanie.skry screenshot, um, the podcast where you’re listening and just tag me in it. And let me know what is the one money action that you took today to get you a little bit closer to your money? 

All right. I hope you found this useful. I really like, it was super insightful to me when I realized what was, I sort of was able to step back outside of myself and realized what was happening and how I was sort of approaching my money with a negative light. And when I shifted that the beauty, the magic, you know, the quote unquote magic that happened. So I’d love to hear the same from you. 

Anyway friends. Thanks for being here. Thanks for listening. And I’ll talk to you soon. 

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