Episode 71: An Easy Money Manifestation Tip

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Manifestation, especially “money manifestation,” seems like a buzzword that’s been making its rounds on the internet lately. But what is it, really? And do CFOs (like me) actually believe in its power? Let’s dive in!

Soooo… first things first, what does money manifestation even mean?

Manifestation is the act of bringing something into existence. It’s often said that we manifest our own reality through our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Notice how it says it requires thoughts, feelings… AND action? Yeah, unfortunately, a lot of people still misconstrue manifestation as some sort of magical power. They think that if they simply visualize what they want hard enough, it’ll just appear out of thin air.

As an Enneagram 3 and a ‘show me the numbers’ kind of person, I’m not particularly prone to believe in things that I can’t see or quantify. So, you could just imagine how I felt when I first heard about manifestation and its supposed power to help you manifest the life of your dreams.

But here’s the thing: I do believe that what we focus on expands.

So, if I want to boost my income and make it sustainable, guess where I focus my attention on? You got that right! I focus on money. Where is it coming from, how can we give our numbers a boost… you get the idea! And you know what happened? MONEY STARTED FLOODING IN.

Ready to manifest the same in your life and biz? Join me in this episode, as I talk about some real-life accounts of how abundance has showed itself in my life and in my business. Let me share with you an easy money manifestation tip, one that you can start practicing today!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What is money manifestation
  • Do CFOs believe in manifesting money
  • Why you need to focus on what you want to attract
  • The power of gratitude and taking aligned action towards your goals

More resources to help you attract more into your life and business: 


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