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Episode: The Prosperous Nonprofit Podcast Teaser

[00:00:00] Stephanie Skryzowski: Hey there. If you’re looking for the 100 degrees of entrepreneurship podcast, you’re in the right place after a hundred amazing episodes, we’re changing things up to serve you the most inspiring content in a fresh new way. Thanks for being here and keep listening.

Welcome to the prosperous nonprofit, the podcast for leaders who are building financially sustainable and impactful nonprofits and changing the world. I’m Stephanie Kowski, a Chief financial Officer and founder and CEO of 100 Degrees Consulting. My personal mission is to empower leaders to better understand their numbers, to grow their impact.

And their income. On this show, we talk to people who are leading the nonprofit sector in new, innovative, disruptive, and entrepreneurial ways, creating organizations that fuel their lives, their hearts, and their communities. Let’s dive in.[00:01:00] 

Hey everybody. It’s me. I am back and you just heard the new intro for our brand new podcast, the prosperous nonprofit. So we have some good stuff in store for you starting next week when we are officially launching the new show. So what you can expect next week, we have three episodes dropping on launch day.

We have a welcome episode where I’m gonna tell you all about what to expect in the show. . We have an episode with my friend Dana Snyder, who is the podcast host of Missions to Movements and a marketing genius. She is so creative and so innovative when it comes to marketing for nonprofits. So we’re gonna talk about how Facebook ads can transform nonprofit marketing.

Then I’m going to share with you a talk. I did live on [00:02:00] stage at our ROI Millionaire Summit back in January, 2023, and I’m gonna talk about how to build confidence in doing scary things. So this is going to be a solo episode with me. So those are the three episodes. That are dropping next week, next Monday, and then we have some really good ones.

We’re gonna get back to our normal schedule of every Monday morning. You are gonna have a new episode of the prosperous nonprofit live in your podcast player. So what to expect from here. I have an episode talking about how to use chat G P T to increase your impact with one of my friends. I have an episode talking about how to build a thriving organizational culture.

And how co-creating leads to nonprofit innovation with another friend of mine. So we’ve got some really good guests coming. Honestly, I have episodes done lock it loaded, scheduled through the end of July. So I have so much good content [00:03:00] for you with really incredible, insightful, innovative guests coming and you don’t want to miss a thing.

So here’s what I want you to. If you have not yet subscribed to the show, you probably have because you’re listening to this little teaser episode. But if you’ve not yet subscribed to the show, I want you to go ahead and click that little plus button in Apple podcast or wherever you listen to your shows so that when these three episodes drop next week for launch week, you have them all ready to go, ready to be played.

I also would love if you would review. The show. So I have a big goal that I have shared on social media that I would really, really love to have a hundred reviews of this podcast in iTunes. So this is going to just help us build credibility with future guests. This is going to help get us on other podcasts to continue sharing our message, um, about how to [00:04:00] build a prosperous nonprofit.

So, Would you leave me a review? If you have ever listened to the show and enjoyed at least one episode, which I think you have, since you’re subscribed, since you’re listening, I would love if you would please leave us a rating and review. So if you’re in Apple Podcast, which is probably where you’re listening to this, I know.

That’s why I listen to my shows. If you just pop on over to our episode, tap, you know, five stars, if you think we should have five stars and literally just write like two sentences, I would so appreciate it and you’re gonna help us get closer to that goal of a hundred reviews. So that’s all I have for you today.

This is just a quick trailer, a quick teaser about what to expect out of the show. So hope you liked the new intro. I was super excited to launch that into the world, and I’m really excited for our guests and I hope you are too. Now, one last thing. If you are a business owner, if you’re an entrepreneur who’s like, wait a second, wait a second, what happened to 100 degrees [00:05:00] of entrepreneurship?

If you’re just talking about nonprofits, I’m gonna unsubscribe. Listen, do not do. Because everything that we are talking about right now, On the new show, all of the tactics, all of the strategies, all of these new innovative ideas that we’re gonna be discussing are 100% applicable to your business. So just because we have nonprofit in the title does not mean that you need to go anywhere.

And I’m actually, while I am talking to you right now, I’m literally looking at this list of episodes that we have scheduled that are coming live. And they are all applicable to you seriously. Facebook ads, building confidence and doing scary things. Using chat, G B T Nicheing down and getting really specific about who you serve, building a thriving organizational culture, how co-creating leads to innovation a.

Stitching the overwhelm in your life and in your organization. How to [00:06:00] stop settling for crumbs. Oh my gosh. This episode with my friend Kylie was so good and just a huge mindset shift from scarcity to abundance. So anyway, I could go on and on. Because we’ve got dozens upon dozens of episodes scheduled and ready to go live for you.

But that’s just my encouragement that do not let the word nonprofit in the title scare you off if you are a business owner. That was an avid listener of the podcast because I guarantee you there is. So much waiting for you coming down the pike. So that’s all I have for you today, my friend. I am so glad you’re here and I’m really excited for our launch next week.

So make sure you’re subscribed. Please go leave us a review, and I will see you next week for the official launch of the prosperous nonprofit. Before you go, I just wanna thank you for being here. To access our show notes and bonus content, visit 100 degrees [00:07:00] That’s 100 degrees, and I’ll see you next time.