Episode 86: Engineering to Influencer Marketing with Naomi Genota

Episode 86 Naomi Genota


Joining us on this week’s podcast is Naomi Genota.

Naomi is a New York-based content creator, online educator, and talent manager at Booth Society. In this episode, we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty about how she went from working as a structural engineer making six figures to doing content creation full time.  

Before a family vacation to the Philippines, Naomi was offered a raise at her engineering job. After the initial excitement wore off, she questioned whether climbing the corporate ladder even aligned with her values.

Naomi also shares a realistic picture of what the transition to full-time content creation is like. For her, this meant juggling both the engineer job with her growing social media business before making the leap. As a result, she is able to effectively help her clients create similar paths for themselves. Above all, what really strikes me most about Naomi is that she truly loves seeing people succeed. There is no gate keeping here, so if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make money with social media, you’ll love this episode. 

“There wasn’t really a lot of guidance or people sharing information. It was very secretive, and that’s the opposite energy of what I want to bring to this space. I want people to be equipped to succeed. There’s so much opportunity.”  – Naomi Genota

Things you’ll learn: 

  • Naomi’s path from engineer to influencer
  • How she built a business that replaced her 6 figure engineering job
  • The specific engineering skill sets she still uses in her content creation role
  • The truth about being a full time content creator (spoiler alert, it doesn’t typically happen overnight!)
  • The ways she helps others find brand deals and partnerships
  • Information about her online course that assists content creators in building a solid business foundation.

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