Transcript Episode 86

Transcript Episode 86

Episode 86: From Engineering to Influencer Marketing with Naomi Genota

Stephanie Skryzowski:

[00:00:00] Hey everybody. Welcome back to a hundred degrees of entrepreneurship, and I’m really excited to have Naomi Geno with me today. Welcome Naomi. Hey, thanks for having me. I’m so excited to be here. Yes, I’m so excited to dig more into your business and your journey. So why don’t we start by just telling us like who you are and what your business does.


Okay. Hi. So my name is Naomi Genota. Um, people call me by Naomi. That’s what I go by on the internet. And actually it’s a fun fact that, you know, people like my closest friends and family do call me that that was like the nickname that I grew up on. Like. That I grew up with. Um, but you know, as far as my business goes, I teach influencers and creators how to monetize on social media, through brand partnerships.

That’s like my bread and butter and I live and breathe, [00:01:00] you know, influencer marketing all day, every day. That’s um, that’s so interesting. And I feel like we all, first of all, we have, we have a lot of clients that are, you know, either started in this space and then evolved into different things or are still in the influencer marketing space.
Um, and then I think everybody listening to this show, like you follow influencers on Instagram, like we all do. So I love like, I’m excited to kind of go behind the scenes a little bit, um, as to like what being an influencer really means. So how did you. Start, like what, what was the beginning of your career?

And then what was the journey that led you to what you’re doing now? Um, it’s kind of a long story, but, um, I started off, um, being an in like I was an influencer, uh, back in 2012. So that’s when I started. Oh, wow. So very long time ago. And I actually started as a beauty blogger. So I had a knack [00:02:00] for, you know, all things, beauty, trying out different makeup, um, collecting limited edition makeup products, uh, trying skincare and things like that.

So, um, because I used to kind of dabble into theater a little bit and I did makeup for, you know, some of my friends and then they turned into clients and things like that. And so, um, I just wanted to share. You know how to put on makeup and like reviews and things like that. So that’s how I started. Um, and I think in the beginning I’ve always had that passion for like networking with brands and, um, like, you know, just being friends with them, hanging out with them and like trying to figure out how we can work together and things like that.
But I never really like took it too seriously in a sense where like, where can I, you know, Take off with this mm-hmm and because I always just kind of saw it as a hobby. And so, [00:03:00] um, after like maybe a few years, um, I didn’t really look at influencing the same as I do now because I used to have an, I have an engineering background.
So like, you know, it’s kind of different to look at it from like, okay, I went. To school for four years, mm-hmm um, to get this like prestigious career, as opposed to like influencing to where, like you can literally talk about anything mm-hmm and make money off of it. And so like, um, I decided to kind of put it to the side, I think in 2015, because I wasn’t really making a ton of money out of.

And at the time I was juggling grad school and I just recently got hired for a full-time job. And so I was like, something has to give. And so I was like, you know, I still wanna give my career a shot because I mean, I spent all this time and money. In school. And so I was like, okay, like, you know, [00:04:00] let’s focus on engineering.
And then, you know, after a few years of, you know, being in corporate America, like I was exhausted. Mm-hmm, like I, um, worked my butt off. I mean, I love engineering. I’m, I’m a natural problem solver, but. When I decided to go on vacation, I had a two week long vacation to the Philippines with my family. I was like, this is not enough.
And I felt like it wasn’t like I got, like, I was like, I actually got a promotion. Right before I left. And they were like, yeah, we’re gonna process your, your raise, all that stuff. We’re gonna promote you. And then I took off and it was only exciting for like five minutes, the promotion part and the, the raised part.
And I was like, I worked this much just for this like little mini excitement. Like there’s, there’s gotta be more. To life and just, you know, [00:05:00] going up the corporate ladder mm-hmm . And so I went to the Philippines with my family and I enjoyed it so much, but like, um, the first week was great. The second week I was dreading leaving.
because I was like, oh, like, I’m gonna go back to, to work and I’m gonna get hundreds of emails and then all this stuff’s gonna pile. Like I was already stressing out and I was still like on vacation. I was like, mm-hmm I need to figure out something else. yeah. And so I got back and I really like. Um, was inspired by a lot of like travel creators on Instagram.

And that was only because like I wanted like pretty photos and I was like, okay, like, let me see, like what kind of photos I can create while I’m in the Philippines. And at the time I was like, this sounds like a really fun job. Or like, you know, just, you know, being a creator again. And, you know, um, and so when I got.
I was like, okay, I’m gonna give myself like [00:06:00] two years to figure this out. Mm-hmm to like actually replace my job. And I knew it was gonna be a challenge because I was already making six figures. Mm. And, you know, there’s a lot of, you know, influencers, creators are saying like, you know, Hey, like I quit my job to.
You know, live my dreams or like travel the world and things like that. But I was like, how much were you making though? Because like, mm-hmm , for me, it’s a lot harder because I was making six figures. I was like, how do you replace a six figure income? Yeah. And so I actually took. Like a few courses. One of the first courses that I took was like, actually, one of your clients, uh, courses, uh, Christina GABA mm-hmm and I was following her way before she even launched, um, uh, an influencer course, because like I was following her for like her, um, travel.

Travel content. Like she was like teaching people how to like [00:07:00] shoot photo when you’re traveling by yourself. Mm-hmm . And so that was like the very first thing that I’ve ever seen from her. And I started just following her, um, because of that. And, um, I think she was really like that springboard that helped me to like propel everything.
And so, you know, I learned what was like different between, you know, back in 2015, and then now. Um, and I just got to work. And so I, you know, pivoted my content. I was trying out different things. Like I was trying out like lifestyle content, like travel content, all that stuff. And I, um, after maybe like a year or so, I started getting brain partnerships again and I started loving it.
Like I loved like the negotiation process of it. And, um, just like the grind. and after a while, like I’ve met actually I’ve met like a [00:08:00] few other influencers and creators, like through Instagram and they were also like struggling to get brand partnerships. And so I would just like tell them what I did, because they were like, how did you, like, how did you land this?
Or like, how did you get in touch with like this brand? I was like, here’s exactly what I did. And so like, I was already kind of doing what I’m doing now, but just for my friends, just because I, I wanted them to. Be with me. I was like, Hey, like, you know, if we’re gonna go to an, like, if I’m going to an event, I want you with me.

Or like, if I’m landing a brand partnership, like I want you to do the same so that, you know, we can like exchange like content ideas and things like that. So, um, and then 2020 kind of came about, and this wasn’t like during the pandemic or whatever, this was like pre pandemic mm-hmm and I was. Frustrated.
A little bit, because I’ve seen so many, I’ve [00:09:00] met so many like creators and influencers. And, um, I just saw like a few people kind of like becoming sellouts with brand like brand deals and things like that. Like they would just take it for the money and not really like take it for, you know, because I actually really believe in this product and I really want to like market it to my audience and things like that.

And so like, there was. Lack lack of integrity that was not sitting well with me. And so I was like, if there is someone to teach people or like teach influencers and creators how to be a, an actual person of influence, I wanna be that person. And so when I decided to like, post about it out of a whim, like a lot of people actually like wanted me to talk about it more.
And so they’re like, you know, we want you to, you know, share like what, you know, cuz like a lot of people have actually there’s people that [00:10:00] have been following me since 2012. And so they, they know that I’ve been an influencer for a while and they kind of want me to. Talk about what’s behind the scenes that nobody really talks about.
And so that’s kind of like the beginning of like the whole coaching aspect of like me being an expert in influencer marketing and things like that. Um, and that was also probably like within that same month, I got a, no, like a notice for my job, um, that they were doing lay. And so, and this was like still pre pandemic mm-hmm
So I got the notice, um, and I was actually going to, um, invest in a mastermind mm-hmm and I was like, I gave my co my coach a call and I was like, Hey, like, I don’t think I can afford this now because I’m, I don’t [00:11:00] know where I’m gonna get the money. Like I’m about to get laid off. And then, um, she was like, this might actually be the perfect time for you to invest in a mastermind because, you know, we want, we wanna figure out what your next steps are.
Mm-hmm and, um, when that happened, so I, I just like took the plunge and then, you know, the whole thing with COVID started. And, um, my company was actually nice enough to be like, Hey, like we’re not gonna lay off anyone right now because you know, this is like a scary thing. We don’t know how long this is gonna last.
And we wanna make sure that you guys are okay. And so I was hanging on to that job by a thread for like, maybe it was like maybe like five. Oh, wow. But yeah, so they kept me for five months. Like I was full-time and then became [00:12:00] part-time and then, um, they were just like, yeah, we just don’t have any kind of work for you.
Mm-hmm , which was perfect because I, the whole entire time I already knew that I wasn’t gonna rely on this job anymore. Mm-hmm and so it was like a great transition for me, cuz like. Like by the time that I wasn’t making any more income from my job, I was already solely relying on the brand deals that I had.
And like at the time I think I only had, um, my templates as like another source of income. And mm-hmm , that was before I started launching like my, my coaching, um, and all that. So. Wow. Yeah. So how long in total were you like working on the, like the business, your current business and still working your engineering job?
So like when you got back from that trip to the Philippines, like how long were you doing both? Um, [00:13:00] I wanna say like a little over two years. Okay. Okay. Yeah. So maybe like, yeah, two and a half give or take. . Yeah. That’s um, that’s really interesting. Cause I feel like online, I feel, I don’t know. I just feel like a lot of times it seems like people make these like snap decisions and maybe it’s just because that’s what it seems like, but that’s not really true.
Like, it just seems like overnight they go from like having a job and then all of a sudden, oh, you’re this like mega influencer now with your own business. And like, things are so amazing, but like, that’s really interesting that it took you, um, You know, or that, that you spent those those couple years and I mean, do you think, like, do you look back on that and are like, wow, that actually worked out really well because you had, you had that like long runway or do you look back and say like, oh man, I should have just like jumped sooner.
Um, I mean, when I did it the first time, I was definitely like, not in the right mindset. [00:14:00] Um, like I was still looking at it as like a hobby mm-hmm and like, I, I like ideally yes. Like I wanted to create content for a living, but I just didn’t have the proper guidance or like the mindset, like I said, to get it there.
And I wasn’t as intentional. It was just like I was, you know, I, the only thing I knew how to do was like create content. I didn’t know anything about business. I didn’t know anything about managing money or like negotiating, or like mm-hmm, how much I should be actually charging for the content that I’m producing.
And that’s because there’s not really a lot of, you know, guidance or like other people tell like, sharing information. Like it was very. Secretive and like, um, uh, very like closed mind or like, yeah, very like scarcity mindset. Like, oh, like if I share you this information, then it’s taking away from me.
Mm-hmm and that’s kinda the [00:15:00] energy that I wanted to BR like the, the opposite energy that I wanted to bring into the space. Mm-hmm is like, if I were to teach this, like, I. People to be equipped because I want them to succeed because there’s so much on like there’s so much, um, opportunity that you’re not really going to miss out on anything.
Like if someone else gets the PI like a piece of the pie, it doesn’t take away from yours. Mm-hmm because everyone’s different. And so I think like this time, like, I mean, If I actually tell people like how long it took me, it took me seven years. It’s not two and a half because like, I I’ve been doing this for so long.
And so I’m like, you know, when I’m teaching my students, I’m like, I want you to do it for less. And so like when, when I’m, uh, encouraging them and saying like, Hey, like you actually have gone a lot farther than me when I first started. And so you have to kind of, um, [00:16:00] celebrate. You know? Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
And I feel like I say this all the time, cuz I even, you know, I even get discouraged in my business, which is very different than your business, but I’m like, gosh, why like, why are things taking so long? Or like, why is this, um, you know, this, this discovery call that I had, why have they not responding? Like I just think, and then I have to remind myself like business is a long game.
If you want to be around for the long haul. It’s not, not everything happens overnight. And so I love that you’ve got, you know, maybe a bit of an accelerated journey for your students than, you know, than what you exper, what your experience was. But I think it’s just a reminder for everybody listening that like business is a long game.
Like it’s not, you’re not gonna go from zero to a hundred thousand to 500,000 to million dollars in revenue in like the next three months. Like yeah. The people that, that does happen to that, you see them online. Like they are. Tiny tiny, tiny little percentage. So I’m, I’m saying this [00:17:00] as a reminder to myself too, cuz sometimes it really is easy to get discouraged, but like it’s a long game.
So that original like blog, the beauty blog and that, that work that you were doing, like back in 2012, um, did those followers of that blog have ha do you still have followers that have kind of been on your entire journey with you or did you do like a hard, like 180 degree? Pivot. And so like that is that’s ancient history and what you’re doing now is something completely different.
It’s, it’s actually crazy cuz I’ve, uh, I’ve um, gone viral on TikTok quite a bit. And I’ve seen some comments from people that are like, oh my God, Like I used to follow your YouTube channel really. And so there’s people that have got like, like, I guess rediscovered me. And then I still have followers that have been following me for a really long time that just like, are just like, they’re cheering me on.
Like, they’re like, I can’t believe like you’ve [00:18:00] made this pivot. And it’s like amazing that, you know, you’ve found something that you’re really passionate. Um, and actually like, you know, your career’s taking off. And so, um, yeah, like I’m there. I still kind of share a little bit about like beauty stuff. Like every time I share my skincare routine, people are always like asking you what I’m using.
And I mean, I’m very like, Um, it’s not like something I do every day, but when I do, people are still curious. And so, yeah. Yeah. , that’s, that’s awesome. And I honestly, I think that just like goes to show you that it really is a long game in the work that you’re putting in today. Even if you do pivot along the way, like it’s not for nothing like that work that you were doing 10 years ago in 2012, um, on the beauty blog, like.
Still lives on. And, um, maybe you didn’t even think like, maybe you weren’t, you probably weren’t thinking about that 10 years ago. [00:19:00] Like yeah. Are these people still gonna be following me on like right. You know, a social media platform that hasn’t even been invented yet? Like yeah. That’s and. That’s amazing.
And there’s still like brands that still send me product, which is kind of crazy to me. I’m like, I don’t there’s, you know, I mean, there’s brands that have stopped sending me product. Cause I don’t talk about it anymore, but it’s just crazy to me that, you know, having those relationships like really helps along the way.
Like, you know, just making sure that you’re, you know, checking in with them and like, um, supporting them any way that you can. Uh, yeah. People like people real, like still see those little things that you do. Yeah, absolutely. They’re all just like little deposits into your like long term business bank. Um, and yeah, I, I think that’s amazing.
Do you find, first of all, what type of engineer were, are you or what was your, what’s your degree in? Um, I was a structural engineer. So [00:20:00] I studied that. So like anything to do with how to, how things stand, um, or yeah. So anything that goes in your house, like. Uh, design supports for, um, and I had a master’s degree in construction management.
So like, that’s basically how I learned how to, um, work with money and like negotiate and, um, work with clients and, uh, look at, you know, profitability sales and things like that. So, um, That’s yeah, that’s my background. that’s so cool. I was just, I was, I mean, you like led me right there. I was just gonna ask you, like, if there are specific, um, skill sets or things that you learned as an engineer, like I’m sure anybody on the outside would be like, Structural engineering and like influencer marketing.
Like those could not be more opposite, but I [00:21:00] was just gonna ask you, like, what were you able to pull from that experience? And like, obviously your skillset is very, you know, uh, It’s if you have a master’s degree, like you’re clearly very talented in this area. So I was gonna ask, um, what skills you’re able to kind of bring over to your work right now.
And I think you just kind of answered it, but is there anything, um, I mean, I would imagine like on construction projects, you’re working with like multimillion dollar budgets, right? Mm-hmm yeah. So I have led like a half a billion dollar pro like yeah. Dollar project before. And, um, I work. You know, a lot of like men and so like what you have to be very bold and like confident in like when you’re communicating with them.

And for me, um, something that I really learned, like, I, I learned a lot, like at work and just like by doing the work is like, um, like [00:22:00] creating case studies. and, you know, making sure that I remember like, okay, like, this is what they said before. And so in the negotiation process, like you have to kind of be alert or like picking up the little things that people say so that you can leverage that to, you know, either get more money or like, um, yeah.

And just not, not leave anything on the table. Mm-hmm um, like project management. I mean, it works for like, I mean, every single industry will have project management. And so for me, like being organized was like, um, a top, like a, a thing that I learned, like while I was at my job. And so like, you know, I really looked at influencing and like my business as a business and not something that’s just like, oh, I’m just creating content and then posting it on social media and then calling it a day.
I’m like, no, like I have a plan for like every single. You know, depart department of my business mm-hmm [00:23:00] and, you know, I have goals for that. Mm-hmm and then another thing too is like, um, you know, when, when it comes to negotiating, like, I I’m really great at like communicating, um, what I want and like what the expectations are and like making sure that like I’m giving, um, I’m making the client like, feel like it’s their decision.
And yeah, that’s I guess, like that’s something that, you know, a lot of people, like my boss really love for me is like, you know, she knows how to, like, she’s like a, you know, client whisper or like baby whisper, so to speak. Mm-hmm , it’s just like, um, yeah, I just kind of listen a lot and not, I mean, as a business owner, like if you’re trying to serve like a specific audience or you’re trying to serve your clients, like listening, Such a big aspect of like knowing how to solve problems.
And I think for me too, [00:24:00] like, you know, I’m a huge, like, I’m really great at problem solving and making sure that I like, I’m looking at myself as like, okay, how can I be the solution to this person’s problem and pointing back at me? Or like, yeah, making sure that I’m pointing back on myself so that, you know, Hey.
I can help you. And so, and that, I think that’s what makes me different from everyone or like from, you know, everyone else, like that’s trying to be in the influencer marketing space, or like as a coach is like, I’m trying to always look for how I can serve the person and meet them where they’re at. I, um, yeah, I, I love the, it sounds like you’ve taken like a lot of the structure and the sort of, almost kinda like the processes of corporate and, and incorporated them into your business.
And, um, I find that I’ve been in business for seven years now. I worked with a lot of different, um, a lot of different [00:25:00] companies and I find the people that do have that corporate background, um, Have the businesses that are like really well run, like, well oiled machine, very organized because it’s like you get, you kind of get the best of both worlds where it’s like, okay, we can take these.
Well-established like corporate, um, you know, policies and structures and things and take what we like and what works and incorporate them into our own business. And I think it’s a really nice balance. And I’ve seen businesses with people at the helm that have no corporate experience and. Sometimes it’s kind of a hot mess, like it’s right.
I don’t know. Like, I think that corporate experience while most of us were like dying to get out of that environment, like the things that we brought over to our own businesses, like I think that’s invaluable, so right. I don’t know. Do you for, yeah, I, I definitely agree. Like, I mean, so for me, um, and I, I had this long, I.
These long talks with my parents all the time. And I’m just like, I [00:26:00] wanna be the kind of company. And like, I, I knew I was going to be able to scale it. Um, and. For me, it was just like, if I were to run my own company, this is some, these are the things that I don’t want. And so like, you know, I was, you know, talking to my parents about like how, like what I didn’t like about being in corporate America.
And so like, I’m like how, what kind of boss do I wanna be? Mm-hmm like, you know, what kind of processes do I have, um, to where, like, you know, um, I’m setting boundaries and making sure that. The people that work for me actually enjoy working for me. And then also like bringing in that level of professionalism into the space, I feel like a lot of like people who are creatives, um, they start off, obviously they start off with like, you know, being creative and like creating content and all that stuff, but they don’t realize that this is an actual business.
And so when you’re [00:27:00] communicating with a brand. Yes, you can bring in your creativity and all that stuff, but also at the same time, then there needs to be some, some sort of structure because the people that you’re com you’re working with are still in corporate. Right? So for example, like. Um, you’re you only have time to create content over the weekend.
So like you like you, yeah. You can complete it over the weekend, but like scheduling it to go out on Monday or something like that. Mm-hmm or like not communicating with them over the weekend and saying, or, or like being demanding in a sense where like, oh, like this person didn’t reply to me, but I’m like, where, when did.
Email them mm-hmm did you email them on a Friday evening where like, they literally have not like they’re not in the office anymore and they’ve turned off like their computers and are gone for the weekend because, you know, if you think about it on their, like in their shoes, they’re still, they’re still in a nine to five.
Right. And so on the [00:28:00] weekends, they’re not going to check the emails like you do. Like we do the people that are freelancers that are like always just working off our phones or like on our, like on our computers all day, every day, or like, um, when you’re emailing or like, when, for example, you’re reaching out to a brand and pitching someone, um, like, and they’re like, well, these brands didn’t reply to me.
I’m like, Like, what did you actually send them? Or like, when did you send them? Mm-hmm like, those are so important. Yeah. And so like, um, people don’t realize that it’s still a corporate system in the, on the brand side. And so I think for me, just like, Understanding that, um, and being able to relay that to my students and my clients and things like that, like, it really helps them to be like, okay, like, this is how to be professional.
And like, when I’m com like when I’m reading a contract, like this is what I need to be looking for [00:29:00] and things like that. And that’s not really. because, you know, influencer marketing is still a pretty new thing and, but it’s still a business. And so like, you have to look at it from that kind of angle.
Yeah, that’s so right. Um, I was just, as you started to talk about like the you’re working with corporations and so you need to, you know, you need to kind of be on their level because if you’re not, they’re gonna look at you as like, oh man, this person’s not very professional. If you’re like constantly emailing them at, you know, 10:00 PM on a Friday or something.
Mm-hmm , they’re just like, where, what world do they live in? Cuz it’s not my world and that’s not like, that’s not the impression that, that you wanna make. So, and that, and that’s actually like very, um, important to them. Like the fact that you’re professional and that’s what they, that’s what they come back for.
Yeah, it’s it has nothing to do with like, oh, this person has a lot of followers or like this person has really great content. Like ultimately it [00:30:00] comes down to how professional are you or how like, is this person responsive? Is this person communicative? Is this person on time? Those are factors that get you to.
Like it hired over and over. Yeah. Yeah. I would imagine like, that’s the, that, like you said, that’s what keeps, um, that’s what keeps brands coming back and wanting, you know, wanting more and wanting to collaborate more. What would you say? Like if somebody wanted to get into the, sort of the influencer.
Space like who is a good fit. And what’s like, what’s what do they need to do? Like, what are the first couple things people need to do to start out if they think like, oh, I think I wanna do this. This sounds interesting. I wanna be an influencer. Where, where do you even begin? I think for me, one of the biggest things that a lot of people miss is not having a why.
So like, you know, there’s people that just, you know, go viral overnight or like get to a hundred thousand followers, but with [00:31:00] no intention, And then they, they kind of unlearn those. It’s a, it’s a lot harder to unlearn things and just be like, okay, like, I wanna take this seriously. How do I. I guess backtrack and like start making money or like, whatever mm-hmm
But I think from the very beginning, like having a why and intention of like, who do I wanna attract and why do I wanna be an influencer? Like mm-hmm I think the, the word has kind of lost. Real meaning over the years that like people don’t realize, like I actually have to be a person of influence mm-hmm
And so like, what is my, what is my goal? Like what is the goal that I have when I’m showing up on social media? And I think like that’s so important because that will. Propel your career long term, because like, if your goal is just to make money, when you start making [00:32:00] money, that’s all you’re gonna do is just gonna be another job.
Mm-hmm . But like, if your goal is like to make an impact or make a difference in whatever niche you’re in, whatever, you know, um, who your audience is, um, that’s, what’s going to like take you places and that’s, what’s going to grow your business. Mm-hmm so I think like that is. What you need to be like that’s I think that’s the strongest thing that you need to, uh, solidify and clarify before even like getting started.
I think that is such great advice, because like you said, like people go viral and attract, you know, a hundred thousand followers overnight, but you know, that does not equal influencer. And I think that’s a really important distinction cuz sometimes, you know, when you get, when you get a bunch of new followers, it feels exciting and like.
Popularity contest, like, like, Ooh, all these people like me have fun, but like that does not make, that does not make a business [00:33:00] for a career. And so I really like that definition of why do you have, um, do you have any favorite influencers either? Like either your students or, you know, people that you work with or not like, what are some of your, what are some of your favorite influencers?
Um, I really love my good friend Lisette. Um, her name is Lisette Vero, and I just like, she and I met because of one of my followers wanted me to be like, oh my God, like you and Lisette will vibe so well, like you guys should collab and things like that. And after that, I just started reaching out to her and just like responding to her stories and like, she’s one of.
I wanna say, like, she’s one of my really close friends and I just love like what she stands for and align with her on so many things like our values align so well. Um, and that’s kind of like what I look for when, when I’m looking for other influencers or like other coaches, or [00:34:00] like, you know, just. Um, experts in the space is like, you know, do we align on, um, social issues?
And like, do we align on, um, who we’re advocating for? And mm-hmm um, are you a person of integrity? I think for me, integrity’s like super huge in a sense where like, I don’t, I’m not malleable to where, like, you know, when money is presented to me, Do I like does this like align with my values and my principles as a person.
Mm-hmm, another person that I really love. Um, following. Is probably like my, uh, business manager. Alex. Like I, like, I think her content’s so fun. Like I love like lighthearted things. Like she talks about. I, I don’t think she has, she’s been talking about this for a while, but like she has, um, her dating stories.
And like, [00:35:00] I mean, I just live vicariously through people because I, I actually don’t date . Yeah. So, um, yeah, so that, um, who else? Um, Josh owns I on TikTok, like I just love his energy. And just like, I, I wish I could be him. Like, like, it’s just like, I follow people that I wish, like I was in their shoes just because I know I can’t do it.
So like, you know, just his confidence is awesome. And like, like just the sassiness is amazing. Um, so fun. Who else? I mean, there’s still many I know. Well, I know that’s the thing. Um, I really love though, like what you pointed out, the people that you. Follow like share your values. You’re aligned, you know, you can really see clearly that they have a why and a purpose and, um, [00:36:00] and really care about what they do about what they do.

And I just feel like, I don’t know this conversation. I don’t know. When you think about influencers, like. Generally speaking about influencers, it seems it can keep seem kind of like vapid and like very surface level, like, oh my gosh, these influencers like posting about their outfits. Again, like it seems very surface level, but like, I love the way that you just kind of talk about the business and the sort of the corporate structure and, and stuff that you’ve put into place.
And really people aligning with their why. Like, it really is so, so much more than. Just trying on outfits and right. And I mean, even if it’s like trying on outfits, it’s like, Hey, like I want people to feel, um, you know, confident in their bodies, like that is like, yeah. You know, great, you know, mission statement just like, or yeah.
Um, you know, making, like helping, you know, people like dress for their body type or like [00:37:00] mm-hmm , um, If they’re like postpartum, like moms, like, how do you dress? Like after you have your baby, like, mm-hmm, just like, things like that is like so important. Like, yeah, you’re a fashion blogger, but what’s your actual, who are you trying to attract ultimately?
And why? Like, why you giving us these tips? Like, you know what I mean? So like that yeah. Is I think something that’s really, really important. Mm-hmm um, Yeah. Um, so I, um, Ugh, I just, I love your, I love your approach so much. So tell us how you, like, what do you actually do? What are the services or the programs or whatever you offer right now and how do you, like, how do you help?
Are you, do you help existing influencers are like people that want to be influencers or both. Um, so I help both, um, I have a few programs, so, um, I have. Uh, My course, which is a spawn master [00:38:00] and that’s basically an a to Z comprehensive course on how to land, brand partnerships and how to monetize on social media.
So, um, I don’t teach, like, in that course, it doesn’t teach like social media growth. It’s mainly just the business side of influencing. And I, I did that specifically because I felt like there was already a lot of courses. Talk about how to create content, how to grow on social media, like what you should be doing strategies and all that stuff.
But I feel like, um, the brand deal side, or just like the monetization side is like, there’s not enough information on it. And so I just created. Uh, an entire course on it, just on the business side, because I feel like that’s what a lot of influencers and creators are lacking. Mm-hmm um, and so it’s just like a step by step and like something that you can refer back to, for example, like, oh, like I’m gonna be pitching me this brand, like what should I be doing?
And so, like, it’s [00:39:00] good reference to kind of come back to and not just to run through like, And, um, so I like, I, like, I love what I did for that, because like, those are the exact steps that I took. Um, and things that I kept in mind that I didn’t learn from any other course, mm-hmm, um, like, oh, this is really important for someone who’s trying to go full time.
Like, you know, the difference between an LLC and being a sole proprietor or like how to read contracts or like how to make sure that. Um, protected and like how to, um, comply by the FTC without, you know, getting sued and all that stuff. So those are, those are things that people don’t think about. Yeah.
Right. Especially if you’re like a creative, because like you, you know, You can create content and be a free for all, but when it comes to like branded content, it’s a total totally different game. Um, so I have that. And then I also have my six month [00:40:00] mastermind, which starts in September. And this is kind of like what, um, where people or where influencers and creators have like more access to me.

Naomi Genota:
So there’s, you know, um, one-on-one. Um, group there’s group coaching, and then I invite like guest speakers to, to come on, um, and speak for my students. I know you’re gonna be doing one tomorrow. Yes. Um, so excited about that. So like, I just like, you know, want to be kind of like an all inclusive, like, this is what, um, You can do like what you need to be doing to transition from like being a, uh, free, like basically like a hobbying influencer to an actual business.
And so it’s like a six month program. There’s um, I there’s me. And then there’s Alex, which helps with like systems and like creating, like, um, structure for your influencer business. And then I have a content coach which helps with, [00:41:00] um, how to create better content and how to grow and things like that. Um, and then there’s also my management.
So I manage under booth society, which is an agency that I’m managed under as well. And, um, this is what a lot of most influencers reach out to me for, but most of them are not on that level yet. And so, um, and that’s why I was like, yeah, you know, if you wanna get to that level to where. I can manage you, um, take the course or like take the mastermind, um, so that we can bridge that gap.
And so essentially like those programs, bridge that gap to where like, okay, like you are, you know, making enough income on brand partnerships, let’s get you support. And so, um, that’s yeah. Pretty much it . That’s so cool. I didn’t know you did the, um, like the influencer [00:42:00] management as well. And I love that you like, you know, you sort of filled the gap between being able to manage an influencer and making sure that they have the right skill set and the right.
You know, everything before, um, they actually have a, a manager, so that’s so cool. Yeah. I mean, go ahead. It’s definitely important because like, you know, if you were, if I were to manage someone who’s not really making nearly enough or like they’re not being reached out to, by a brand it’s kind of a lost pause.
And ultimately the blame goes to me to are like, well, you didn’t land me any brand partnerships. And I’m like, well, Yeah, you’re, you’re just not a strong candidate and it’s not up to me to make those decisions it’s up to the brand. And so, um, yeah, like, I mean, I love being a manager. Um, you know, the people that I’ve worked with over the, like the last, maybe like year and a half or so probably almost like two years now, um, are like great people.
They’re all like very different, um, different [00:43:00] skill sets and things like that. Um, also like very like-minded like, I am very picky on who I, um, who I onboard as clients for my roster. And some of them are actually. Um, old students of mine, which I’m really like, it makes me. Like a proud mom. Yeah. almost like when I’m like, okay, like I’ve helped you.
And then they’re like, well, I got to this point, but like, I’m still needing support because like I it’s taking time away from me creating content and things like that. And so, um, I love seeing that kind of growth and. Yeah. And I mean, it was such a blessing to me, like being a manager too is because like, you know, it gave me a little bit more perspective on influencer marketing because I only know what I know and what’s worked for me.

Mm-hmm and so like being able to kind of dive into the trenches and like, see what other brands are offering. Other [00:44:00] influencers that are in a different niche or like have a different, um, following or like on a different, like, have they, they have a different main platform than Instagram. Like that helps a lot to kind of be the, the teacher or like the instructor that.
I wanna be, cuz like now I’m like, okay, I’m a lot more confident in what I have to teach because I’m not really guessing and because I’ve done the work already. Yeah. And I love that your perspective now is like so much broader than just your own. And I feel like a lot of times we all start our businesses with a very narrow.
Like a narrow perspective, a narrow like stream of experience. And, um, I love that you’ve got this other piece of your business that gives you a lot broader sense of what’s happening out there, that you can then share that knowledge with your students. So I would imagine that, yeah, everybody, everybody that you work with is super likely or super, super likely, super lucky, um, to have you, so, Ugh, this is, this is so interesting.

[00:45:00] So. Um, I, uh, let’s see. I do like to ask and I lost my question. I like to ask, um, at the end of our interviews, what do you like to do to like, kind of separate yourself from work disconnect from work? What do you like to do for fun? Oh, good. I like to travel so, you know, I mean, I try not to like work while I’m traveling.
Um, but I just love being in a D. Location and just, you know, immersing in myself in the culture and like trying different food and like exploring, like turning my phone off and just, you know, like hanging out or like, you know, meeting new people. I, I should say, like, I love that. Like I think that’s, um, one of the things I love to do, I also love to work out.
So, um, when I. Was in LA. I used to go to a 10:00 [00:46:00] AM class and that was like a great like break for me in between like working and getting back to work. And so that was like my quiet time. Like I would like turn off my phone. and just work out and just like, that was such a great like release for me. And it helps with, you know, clearing my head and not thinking about, or like not stressing out about work and things like that.
Um, I do Olympic weightlifting and I crossed it. And so that’s like, I don’t know. I love, I love the feeling of like, Hey, I can actually list this. Yeah. , that’s amazing. Yeah. Um, well, and I imagine like, that is not exactly the kind of workout that you can like half pay attention to. I feel like if you’re like on the elliptical machine, you’re probably like half thinking about work the whole time.
Or like, I just know when I’m on the treadmill, I’m like thinking about work, but like, if you’re doing. [00:47:00] Olympic weightlifting or like the intense stuff you do at CrossFit. Yeah. You need to be a hundred percent focused on that or yeah. You hurt yourself. yeah, exactly. And I mean like now it’s, I mean, I’ve been doing it for so long.
So like now a lot of the movements are. I already have a technique for, but yeah, like basically you have to be attentive the whole time. yeah. Oh my gosh. And then I also love spending time with my, with my niece and my, my dog, which are, who are far away from me now. But I mean, we right now, the last, the last week I’ve been FaceTiming them like every single day, which has been amazing.
Like she is, um, Eight, well, like almost eight months now. And she’s starting to like be taught. Like she talks a lot and uh, I mean, still like, you know, Fabs, but yeah, they’re so fun. And I love that. Like, when I get on FaceTime with her, she recognizes me and she gets [00:48:00] so excited and I’m just like, oh my God, like, you know who I am.
I love . That is so cute. Oh my gosh. I know it’s so rewarding when they’re like, when you, you know, that they know who you are, especially on FaceTime, like. So cute. And I’ve seen pictures of your niece on Instagram. Oh, she looks, like’s really cute. I know her eyes are like huge. Yeah, so cute. Um, awesome. Oh my gosh.
Well, Naomi, this was so like so interesting and so helpful, and I feel like there’s so much, um, insight that anybody listening can pull from this episode, whether you’re an influencer or not. So if our listeners wanna find out more about you, where can we find you? You can find me on Instagram or on TikTok, um, whichever platform you like to spend your time in, but I’m mostly on Instagram and that’s where people can reach out to me.
Like if they wanna DM me and say hi and things like that. So my handle is NAS and [00:49:00] a O H M S. And that’s. How you can find me. awesome. Yay. Thank you so much. Well, like I said, this was just such a useful conversation. Everybody go and follow Naomi Genota. Like you, you post a lot, so you’re a fun, interesting follow.
I feel like I’m always looking at your stories. oh, thank you so much. Like I try to make it like fun and like, you know, um, I, I. My followers really love seeing like the behind the scenes and like things that I don’t like that I do outside of like building a business like this. And they’re invested for some reason, even like down to like my, like my nail style, like they’re invested.
They’re like, oh my God. It’s like that time of the month. And so. Um, I love that. I mean, like that’s, you know, ultimately, ultimately the goal is like to have relationships. I think for me, like, um, people is like the number one thing and like, um, nurturing those [00:50:00] relationships, like I really value. And so like, Because, you know, no matter where my business goes, you know, five years from now, 10 years from now, if I become famous or whatever, like I think for me, the goal was always to be like, keep my feet on the ground and just make sure that I’m still meeting people where they’re at and not being, you know, having like a, I guess like a huge head and like saying, oh, I’m famous now.
So like, I don’t know you kinda thing. Like I never wanna give that vibe to someone. Because I, I know how that. Well, I think the fact that like people, you know, found you now from blogging that you did a decade ago and they’re like, oh my gosh, just Naomi, like excited about that. And you know, are still following along your journey.
I think that really says a lot about you. And so I’m sure that when you’re famous a few years from now, um, you will, you’ll be exactly the same. I love it. awesome. All right. Well, [00:51:00] thank you so much. Thanks for being here, Naomi. Of course, thanks for having me. And thank you, um, for listening in.

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