Episode 90: Investing in Your Business

Episode 90 Investing in Your Business

In this podcast episode, Stephanie Skryzowski talks about the importance of investing in your business. Most of us need to spend money to make money, but how do we know what we need to buy or which programs to invest in? With so many options at our fingertips, it can be hard to sort through the noise and figure out where to focus both our time AND money.

Pulling from experience gained over the years and wise words from past podcast guests, Stephanie narrows down four important steps to take. Investing in your business can be overwhelming, but is one of the most important things you can do to ensure growth. If you often feel pulled in a hundred different directions while building your business, you’ll want to grab a pen and paper and tune in!

Keep it simple. We don’t need to do all the new things because that new thing looks really fun. We need to keep doing more of what’s working. So you first need to understand the return on investment on different things that you’re doing right now and cut out what is not generating a return and add in more of whatever is generating a return.

– Stephanie Skryzowski

Stephanie’s Top 4 Tips for Investing in Your Business: 

  1. Spend money strategically by keeping it simple, and understanding what’s working in your business
  2. Go all in on one thing at a time
  3. Think about your future self as a business owner 
  4. Invest in the foundation of your business

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