Episode 72: Raising Financial Grownups with Bobbi Rebell

Episode 72 Raising Financial Grownups with Bobbi Rebell featured blog post image

From early investments to daily saving habits, learning how to manage money is such an invaluable life skill. I mean, can you imagine what the world would look like if everyone grew up with an understanding of how to handle finances like a pro? 

Unfortunately, for most people, financial literacy is simply not accessible. I mean, it’s not like they teach this at school. 

And this gap in accessibility is why our guest feels called to spread her experience and expertise when it comes to finances! 

Join us in this episode as we share a conversation with author, podcaster, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional – Bobbi Rebell

Learn what inspired Bobbi to write her book and start her podcast. She talks about some super practical tips on how to teach your kids good money habits. Bobbi also dives deep into the importance of open communication when it comes to financial matters, and offers her sage advice on what to do if your child is struggling with money decisions.

So if you’re looking for ways to help your kids become more financially savvy, this episode is a must. Tune in now and learn how to set YOU and your children up for financial success!

” It’s hard and it’s important when I say not to judge. A lot of things that happen with money are not in our control. Sure, you still have to figure it out, but it’s really important not to blame yourself or feel like you’ve done something wrong. You just have to figure out what you can do to make your situation better ” – Bobbi Rebell

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Bobbi Rebell’s journey with parenting and financial career
  • Importance of long term financial plans
  • How good financial parenting affects your children’s future
  • Why listening is the first step to financial communication

Links in this episode: 

More resources to boost your financial growth:


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