Episode 77: Our Business Tech Stack for 2022

Episode 77 Our Business Tech Stack for 2022 with Stephanie Skryzowski podcast featured blog post image

Ready to take a peek into our super efficient tech stack for 2022? Great! Because I’m sooo ready to share it with the world!

I wouldn’t count myself as someone who’s super techy, BUT I do know the value of having the right tools and systems in place. There are so many new apps and it’s amazing how it can help businesses like ours automate tasks and optimize operations. But with so many options available, a lot of us can end up overwhelmed and end up making things a little complicated. But wow! Since we made streamlining our business the focus this year, things have been so much easier. So let me walk you through what we’ve used so far, how they worked, and the ones that we found to be real keepers!

100 Degrees Consulting Tech Stack (and how we’re using it to set out team up for success and support our clients):

  • Slack – This is what we use for our internal team communication. We use this to create a workspace and they have a feature called Huddle which automatically brings the team into a meeting so no more links that need to be sent out.
  • ClickUp – Our new project management system. This app can do so much but I have to admit it took a while to get used to. It helped us to make seamless transitions even if we have employees who are on leave or in an emergency.
  • Ignition – The newest app we’re currently testing out. This is an industry-specific software and it just is better for us because they have conversion rates in their dashboards and KPIs we need. It already knows accounting, bookkeeping, and even invoicing. So it is mighty powerful.
  • Calendly – Something we would be transitioning to as well because this app goes hand in hand with Ignition. This app handles all of the scheduling we need for our clients.
  • QuickBooks/ThriveCart/Stripe – All of our finances and processing payments go through these apps. Our clients are sent invoices using these apps and receive payments but these are probably going to be moved over to Ignition soon.
  • Gusto – Anything expenses related, we use this app to track and for our payroll. We’re also paying our contractors including our international staff. If we need anything related to time tracking, expense reimbursements or performance reviews, then this is a must have.
  • Libsyn – This is the podcast host I use for my episodes.
  • Audacity/Zoom – I both use these apps for my podcast solo episodes and guest episodes.
  • AMEX – we use credit cards for all of our expenses aside from payroll. Get those points, get those miles.

Other apps that were part of our tech stack previously:

  • Asana – project management app.
  • Dubsado – general software for generating proposals and agreements.
  • Acuity – scheduling app for meetings and calls.
  • TransferWise – a secondary site we use for international contractors.

This might look like a lot, but these tools were an absolute game-changer! It has helped us automate our systems and made our processes even more organized now. So, make sure you tune in, make notes and complete your epic tech stack hunt!

“We don’t need all of the platforms out there just because they sound cool, because a lot of ’em are really cool and they can do really cool things, but often I feel like we overcomplicate things and we really don’t need to.” – Stephanie Skryzowski

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What does the 100 Degrees Consulting tech stack looks like
  • The apps that we love, didn’t love, and how it changed the way we do things
  • Importance of streamlining your business

More resources to help you set your business up right:


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