Episode 78: Setting Boundaries with Katrina Widener

Episode 78 Katrina Widener

The nine to five workday has remained the norm for over a hundred years and has become an increasingly toxic day to day environment for some. Our guest today, business coach Katrina Widener, went from a toxic nine to five to helping early stage entrepreneurs set up their businesses to be successful and fuel their lives. From being under someone else’s rules, to being seen as nothing but a number, Widener has experienced it all. In this episode listen along as the talented Katrina Widener guides us through her strategy to help entrepreneurs avoid burnout and achieve full alignment in their business to ultimately make more money without having to spend more time away from what’s most important. 

Widener walks us through her proactive business approach by taking a look at the big picture and asking yourself,  “how can I plan in advance for the life that I want?” She mentions that by being proactive rather than reactive you’re able to streamline the things you’re doing in the business so that you can reach your goals in the end. 

You may be thinking “I know what my dream life looks like but how do I get there?” Never fear, Kristina guides us through the necessities such as sitting down to take stock of your business, where you’re at, and how to get to where you want to be. She goes on to let us know that doing this requires you to get uncomfortable and be confident in your decision making. 

As the podcast nears its end, Kristina and Stephanie dive into the world of books and highlight plenty of good choices for our listeners. Having read over 52 books this year so far, it’s safe to say Kristina is a trusted source when it comes to book recommendations. 

I think also people can get a little bit stuck around this idea of, what if I make this change and it doesn’t work? My reminder is, nothing is permanent.” – Katrina Widener

What you’ll learn in this podcast: 

  • Proactive vs reactive business approach 
  • How to make confident decision making 
  • How to take stock of your business
  • Human Design


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