Episode 49: How to Cut Through Digital Marketing Overwhelm with Dana Snyder

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Digital marketing can be challenging and frustrating because it’s constantly changing and evolving.

You have Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit. Sooo many platforms to choose from and so many unexpected variables to watch out for. You’ve got bug fixes, interface updates, new rules, and the ever shifting algorithm to keep up with. Just when you thought you got it figured out… BAM! Something new. So, it’s not a stretch to say that even the most seasoned nonprofit marketer can get overwhelmed with all this!

But, hey! Just because digital marketing is not particularly easy, doesn’t mean that you should avoid it. There are still plenty of ways for nonprofits to cut through the noise and learn how to use digital marketing effectively without being forced to use ALL of the marketing platforms all at once.

And this is exactly what our featured guest, Dana Snyder, will talk about on the show today!

Dana is an entrepreneur, digital strategist, and passionate conscious consumer. She founded her digital marketing agency, Positive Equation in 2017. Positive Equation helps nonprofit organizations harness the power of digital marketing to raise more funds and contribute to making the world an exponentially better place. Dana has been a featured speaker at We Are For Good, WISE Los Angeles, YNPN, Television Academy Foundation, Nonprofit Web Advisor, Sprout Social, Givebutter, Dress For Success, and MANY more.

So, join us in this episode, as Dana shares her innovative and refreshing insight on how nonprofits can boost their fundraising efforts, how to cut through digital marketing overwhelm, and why you don’t necessarily need to be on ALL the social media platforms to grow your impact.

“You don’t want to be throwing spaghetti on the wall, you want to know strategically what social media content and metrics are going to align with your business goals, so that you’re focusing and you’re putting that spend in the right buckets, and focusing on the right platforms and tools.” – Dana Snyder

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Dana Snyder started her digital marketing career
  • What goes into a digital marketing budget?
  • Online events, what’s good and what works
  • Would digital marketing for nonprofits also work for small businesses?
  • Top social media platforms and how to leverage them

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