Episode 42: What You Should Do Next With Your Finances

As this year comes to a close, I bet a lot of you are reflecting on what you should do next with your finances. Maybe you just started your business, or you came across substantial growth, or perhaps you’re right smack in the middle… regardless of what phase your business …

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Episode 38: What to Do with a Cash Windfall

Ever experienced a cash windfall? Did you want our expert take on what you should do with it? Then stick around as I geek about it for a hot minute! But wait… what IS a cash windfall exactly? A windfall is an unexpected financial gain. Sometimes it may be from …

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Episode 34: Behind the Scenes of a CFO Meeting

Not a lot of people know what goes on when they hire a Chief Financial Officer, so I thought, “Hey, why not de-mystify what goes on at a CFO meeting!” But don’t worry, this episode is super light! And we promise to save you from all the heavy finance industry …

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