Livin’ the dream as a nonprofit CFO

When I was a child I played Office. I had an old monitor, a keyboard, a rotary desk phone and reams upon reams of paper. I could hole myself up in my room for hours, typing away, jotting notes on paper and creating complex alphabetized filing systems. I didn’t know …

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Meetings: From Ineffective to Efficient

Ah meetings. Aside from emails, they are probably the bane of any 9-to-5’ers existence. At the beginning of a new job, meetings are a great way to get to know your colleagues and take copious pages of notes to help you learn the ropes, not to mention they fill that …

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Developing a high-functioning team

We all know too well the frustration and despair that comes with trying to lead a team that just doesn’t jive well together. People’s motivation, dedication and skill-sets vary, they’re not on board with your strategic vision for the department, or they just flat-out don’t like each other. As the …

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