I hate failing

I have a true confession for you, bright and early today. I hate failing. I know, I know. Failure is part of success. Fail forward. Blah blah blah. I don’t care. I hate it to my core. (#enneagram3 much?!) A lot of times when we think we are failing, it’s only because …

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3 Lessons in Storytelling from a CFO

Storytelling. The latest buzzword in the business world. It makes sense in the marketing space, because I’d sure rather hear a story about how a product or service changed someone’s life than have a stranger shout BUY THIS! BUY THIS! BUY THIS! or DONATE! DONATE! DONATE! at me. I just …

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Nonprofits: More Powerful Than You Think

Sometimes it feels like those of using working in the social sector are on an island all our own. We focus on different metrics than the for-profit world and our efforts can often feel futile when we see what terrible things are happening in the world. Especially these past couple …

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