Episode 38: What to Do with a Cash Windfall

Ever experienced a cash windfall? Did you want our expert take on what you should do with it? Then stick around as I geek about it for a hot minute! But wait… what IS a cash windfall exactly? A windfall is an unexpected financial gain. Sometimes it may be from …

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Episode 34: Behind the Scenes of a CFO Meeting

Not a lot of people know what goes on when they hire a Chief Financial Officer, so I thought, “Hey, why not de-mystify what goes on at a CFO meeting!” But don’t worry, this episode is super light! And we promise to save you from all the heavy finance industry …

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Episode 32: What I’m Working On To Get To 7 Figures

I don’t know about you, but I love watching business behind the scenes! Not only are these little snippets of another business’ extraordinary journey so fun to listen or watch, but it’s also such a refreshing way to learn best practices without having to go through the same struggles yourself. …

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